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Discuss About the Benefits and Unique Software?



Customer relationship management(CRM) refers to the practices, technology, and strategies an organization uses toanalyze and manage the interaction between customers and data throughout the lifecycle of the customer with the aim of retaining customers, increasing sales and improving the relationship between customers and business.CRM systems are used as point of contact and interaction between the company and the customers, the systems includes; telephones, social media, marketing material, direct mail, company website and live chat.CRM systems are also designed to bring together all customers information from different channels as well as providing detailed information about customer preference of the products to buy and their product concern, personal information about the customer and history of purchase of the customer. The new technology ensures all operations are efficient and effective and it should be embraced by all organizations for a better result.The paper is a reportwritten to convince the manager on the benefits of using CRM, its advantages to the organization if embraced, findings and recommendation to justify the decision to suggest introduction of the new technology. (Blokdijk, 2012)


The study originated from the need to convince the company manager to introduce the use of CRM system. In the previous studies, most companies that had implemented the use of CRM are seen to be competitive and more efficient in its operations; this report has gone further and highlighted some of the benefits of implementing the use of CRM. Information obtained after various case studies from companies that has already implemented the CRM system, provides enough information that have been used in writing the report.


CRM software has several features that makes the new technology the most appropriate to introduce in the organization to make operations effective and efficient. Some of these features are;

Marketing automation

CRM tools which have marketing automation features will help in automating marketing tasks which are repetitive so that it enhance the efforts ofmarketing at different points to customers. For instance, if sales prospect gets into the system, it will send the marketing material automatically to the prospect either through social media or email. (Blokdijk, 2012)

Sales force automation

This feature is meant to prevent any confusion that might be brought about by duplicating efforts of a customer and sales person which in the long run might result in conflict. The CRM system will therefore help achieve and ensure there are no duplication of efforts through automatically tracking conversations and contacts of the sales person and the customers and follow up on both the two sides.

Location based services

CRM systems include technology which can generate geographic marketing campaign based on physical location of the customers and the system sometimes uses GPS applications to integrate with popular location. The technology can also be used as tool of networking in order to find many sales prospects in line with their location based. (Blokdijk, 2012)

Contact center automation

This technology is designed to ensure automatic dissemination of information and keeping thePre-recorded audio that makes it easy to solve any problem that might arise from the customers, this in turn also reduces the tedious work subjected to the contact center agents. The feature also simplify customer service processes because it cuts down the time spend to call customers in order to handle their requests.

Benefits of using CRM

The implemntation of CRM strategy results to advantageous situation for small scale and large scale business.Use of technology brings about great opportunities and benefits to organization. (Blokdijk, 2012) The first benefit CRM brings to the organization includes:

Improved customer relations

The main benefit of using CRM is to ensure customer satisfaction. All dealings that involve the use of CRM like marketing, servicing and selling of goods to customers are carried out in a well-organized and systematic way. The system also helps the management understand their customers well because their details are able to access automatically whenever an issue arises and they will be able to work on that immediately. This in turn helps in increasing customer loyalty. Provision of these efficient and satisfactory services makes customers provide continuous feedback regarding the organizations product and also recommending the organization to their friends. This will eventually result to increase in sales and good reputation for the company is maintained.

Better internal communication

CRM strategy helps in building and ensuring better and effective communication within the organization. Implementation of the strategy also encourages teamwork that results from sharing of data belonging to customers between different departments. Teamwork is always considered as the main factor that helps an organization grow and remain active, working as a team is always considered better than working in a separated manner. Working in a team helps to increase the profit of the organization and enables better service to customers.

Increase customer revenues

Through the use of CRM strategy, the company revenue can be increased to a great extent as a result of using the collected data in popularizing the company marketing campaign in a more effective manner. This will in turn lead to an increase in sale that increases customer revenues in the long run. The CRM strategy ensures a wide coverage in terms of products promotions and to new customers, this way customer revenue will be increased automatically as a result of broad advertisement.

Maximize upselling and cross selling

The strategy also allows cross-selling which involves selling of complementary products to customer basing on what they had purchased previously whereas upselling involves providing premium products to customers that fall in the category of the products they had purchased. This can only be achieved through interactions with the customers via the CRM systems where one gets to know more about the customer’s needs, want and their purchasing patterns. After obtaining details from customers through the interaction, the details is stored in the organization’s central database that can be accessed by all executives in the company, when they spot an opportunity the executive will stand a great chance of promoting their products to customers and in turn maximizing on cross selling and up selling.

Greater staff satisfaction

Most employees can only feel happy and empowered if they have more knowledge which will make them more engaged. This can only be achieved by having an updated and accurate CRM system that can be accessed by everyone within the organization helping employees to solve any problems presented by customers. This in the end will leave both the customer and employees satisfied and happy.

Cost savings

The introduction or start- up of CRM system might seem to be very expensive and consume a lot of time but this should not hinder a company that focuses on being successful and outsmart their competitors from implementing the system because at long last, the benefits will definitely outweigh the costs. The system also enables the executives to have a central database accessed by everyone where customer’s data is stored, this helps save on cost in the case where everyone could be keeping separate spread sheet with customer’s details on their computers. Sales team can also use the database to find out their prospects geographic location so that they can arrange on meeting the ones coming from same area on same date, hence avoiding spending extra cost that they could have incurred upon meeting prospects on different dates despite them coming from the same area. If the companydoes not have CRM system to save customers information it will lead the sales team visiting prospect coming from same area on different dates thus increasing on expenses that also lead to incurring extra cost.

Technological advances always brings to the company great benefit including coverage of a wide group of customers, provision of quick response to any customers complain raised. Most organizationsare seen to attach themselves with all priorities and benefits brought about by technology that speeds up organization growth. Organizations that fail to embrace the use of technology in this present economic environment which is so competitive, they are subjected to fall in a great risk of lagging behind in terms of productivity and also they remain incompetent. The use of the new technology also improves efficiency in serving customers since it provides an opportunity to the organization to know more about the customers they serve through frequent interaction with their data recorded in the system placing them in a better position where they can serve their customers better. Other executives will be able to serve the customers using the knowledge that is in line with what has been previously discussed therefore enhancing efficiency on their services as they are able to respond fast to the customers having their previous history in their database. (Brink, & Berndt, 2010)

Best CRM Software

The CRM system uses unique software that makes the system offer efficient services to customers. The software includes;

Clinch Pad software

This is one of the best CRM software that aims at creating new wave systems that will work well in order to serve many clients for the whole organization. This software is basically designed to assist small businesses so that they can optimize the communication between them and their customers. The software uses a very modest interface to help start a new business to endorse the software in an efficient way. The software also helps decreases the tiresome data entry process because leads are tracked easily when using this systems.

Client Space software

The software enables automation of data management and sales force. A team of the selected dedicated software developers, project managers and analysts work closely with the clients so that they customize the software in order to adhere to the needs of the clients. However, the software is characterized with unique features like account and document management, customizable forms and responsive designs.

Nutshell CRM

This is a web-based platform which focuses on great user experience. The software offers automation for entry of data, tracking the sales goal progress and shows any upcoming activities for recent deal. The software is easy to access since one can use mobile device to access it making it most ideal for small businesses.





Track leads easily.

Decreases tiresome data entry process.

Vulnerable to hacking of information.


Manage data automatically.

Cannot be implemented without presence of clients.


Forecast upcoming activities.

Costly to implement.


In conclusion, CRM system is seen to provide efficient operations to both customers and employees and exposes the company to more opportunities. Most organizations that have embraced the system can testify to the great opportunities the system results in. the report paper has highlighted some benefits and unique features the system have that will enable the company stand out and gain a great competitive advantage.


From the above report written for the purpose of convincing the company manager to introduce the use of CRM in the company, I would recommend that the company embrace and start up the CRM system so as to enjoy the benefits arising from the use of the system. Most companies that use the system have improved relationship with its customers, the companies have also achieved better internal communication hence ensuring greater staff satisfaction as well as increasing customer revenues. Therefore, if the manager puts in to consideration the introduction of CRM system, the company will be able to enjoy the benefits of the system as discussed above and increase on production as well as gaining competitive advantage


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