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Discuss About The Disadvantages Social Networks In Business?



After completing the assignment 1 and assignment 2, the researcher has obtained significant knowledge pertaining to carrying out a research and completing it properly. Therefore, in the third assignment, the researcher has talked about the learning gained while doing the first two assignments. Here, the researcher is going to prepare an individual reflective journal of 12-week duration that contains the critical examination of the learning method of the researcher. The assignment involves reviewing the progress of the researcher in terms of achieving learning goals related to the first two assignments on the advantages and disadvantages of social networks in business.

Reflective analysis

Reflection allows people to conjecture their own performs, so that they can develop their own work. Doing reflective assignments influence people to enhance their learning by identifying the loopholes in their own work and finding ways to overcome them (Richmond, McCurrie & Nelson 2015).

During the first and second week, I have learned to identify a research problem by going through the findings of the previous research on the same topic, different journals, books and credible websites.I have read many kinds of literature for identifying the major advantages and disadvantages of social media in business. I have found that social media plays an important role in the present business environment. However, it has some drawbacks too. Therefore, I chose this topic to find out the strengths and weaknesses of social networks in business. Thus, my first learning objective was achieved during the first two weeks.

After identifying the research problem, during the third and fourth week, I developed research objectives that are to be achieved at the end of the research. Thus, I learned the way of developing research objectives. Further, in the fifth and sixth week, I learned to search for secondary data and collect them for having greater knowledge on the research topic. Moreover, I also learned to analyse the literature criticallyand this was my third learning objective. During the seventh and eighth week, I gained knowledge regarding different research methods and their importance in research. Based on that, I selected appropriate research methods for the present research. In the ninth and tenth week, I continued to understand various research techniques and learned the way of collecting primary data. Thus, my learning goal of collecting primary data was achieved in these two weeks. During the 11th and 12th weeks, I learned the way of analysing the collection date for obtaining the research outcome.Thus, my last learning objective was also achieved.

While doing assignment 1, I have learned that in the current business scenario, social networks are considered as the most necessary and effective way of doing business.

Therefore, organisations use social media platforms to increase their brand awareness, customer base, competitiveness and improving service quality and communication with the customers. However, marketers also face some issues related to security of information and maintaining the social accounts on a regular basis. This has a damaging impact on the brand image and profitability of the company (Emily Copp 2016). In the second assignment, I have learned so many things related to a research such as, identifying the research problem, analysing secondary data, selecting research methods, preparing the questionnaire, collecting and analysing data for preparing the final research report.

All these knowledge are extremely valuable for me, as they will help me in my future researchers. Using the knowledge and experience of my present research, I will be able to conduct a more proficient research in the future with less error.

When people learn and reflect themselves on their learning, they obtain better knowledge that helps them in their future courses, programs, future career and in life. It also improves the criticalthinking ability of the students (Naber & Wyatt 2014). My present learning will help me in my future business courses. Considering the drawbacks of social networks in business, I will take proper measure so that it can bring only positive impact to my business. Not only in my business, using the knowledge I will be more conscious about my personal social accounts too so that I do not have to face any security issue.

I identified the research problem for conducting the research. I conducted a literature review and selected suitable research methods to carry out the research. I read a large number of books, journals, and websites to acquire greater knowledge on the research topic. I have seen that social networks affect the business world both positively and negatively. However, I heard from my professor that business could transform the negative side of social media into positive sides by taking effective measures.

The business research was highly useful, as it expanded my knowledge area significantly. Before doing this research, I only knew about the positive sides of social media in business and I did not have any idea regarding the damages it can bring to a business, if not managed properly. Hence, the present business research has explored my knowledge largely.

I did the assignment 1 specifically for gaining a considerable amount of knowledge on the different aspects of social media in business. After gaining sufficient knowledge, I carried out the assignment 2 for developing a research proposal, so that I can bring out some more information on the research topic by conducting a research.

Reflective writing is helpful in improving evaluation of learning results, developing student learning and professional career. It reveals effective practices and areas that need further consideration and improvement (Allan & Driscoll 2014). The things I have learned from the present assignment will be applied to my business when I will start my own business and expand its presence through social media. I will hire an expert, who will be able to take care of the security issues related to online transactions and maintain a positive brand image on the social media.


Reflective writing is an effective way of identifying own weaknesses and that can be changed to own strengths. Thus, the things I have learned through the reflective writing have helped me to rethink about the learning goals, I have achieved. Whatever, I have learned from this research will help me in future courses to do them in a better way.


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