Dirty truth of college Essay

On average 1",534",125 are the number of bacteria found in a woman’s living space in college. Even though bacteria is found everywhere, people don’t see it as the threat that it is. Especially for, college students who are constantly in and out of their room being exposed to outside bacteria and bringing it all in their room. This paper will focus on the effects of bacteria on my discourse community, the struggles we have with the bacteria, and ways to solve these issues. I will first dive into talking

about how these affect my discourse community.

Around ninety, percent of the bacteria students come in contact with has been proven to be potentially harmful (“Bacteria on Campus”). We all know that washing your hands kills the bacteria and you will be less prone to getting sick and spreading the bacteria around to others. In my discourse community, we share one bathroom with about thirty to thirty-five people. In our bathroom, we have four stalls, four, showers, and six sinks. We have two working sinks that are able to keep the faucet turned to

where the water is able to run, therefore that is a constant battle in our bathrooms because those two sinks are constantly being used. I always see people using the sinks that don’t hold the water and they are washing one hand whentime, and it defeats the purpose of washing hands. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), so as to properly wash the hands one must lather the hands with soap by rubbing them together, and scrubbing for at least twenty seconds, and then rinsing under clean running water. The reason why I believe the purpose is defeated because the last step says “running water*, but most of the sinks in my discourse community don’t run, and I see people touching the faucet to clean their hands. It has been proven that not washing your hands can cause you to get sick more often generally. Also, according to the CDC, germs are able to transfer from your hands to your eyes, nose, and mouth that gives you a higher

chance of getting sick.

I conducted short interviews with the residents of my floor to see if any of the problems have had an affect their health. The questions asked were “How many times have you gotten since the second semester began?” “Has there ever been an instance where you needed to attend the beu?" and “ Have you received your flu shot this year." Twenty-two out of thirty-five had reported that they had been sick one or more time since second semester began. Only five have gotten the flu shot this year. Ten

students reported going to see a doctor. Two of those that went to see a doctor stood out. One student had caught pink eye and one with impetigo, also known as “school sore”, which is a very contagious skin infection shown by red sores on the face.

Living in a residence halls especially a Living Learning Community is a unique experience that offers many benefits. Examples of those benefits would be being able to go on trips with the science department and being able to get in contact with the science department, and they will help you branch out to different leaders. It is also beneficial to one another because we are all majoring in something with science and we are all able to help one another when needed and we will be able to come together

as a whole floor. There have been multiple times where our floor has not done its job in keeping the bathrooms clean. There have been times where chicken wings have been pushed down sinks and toilets, dirty feminine products are found in the showers and toilets, and we have gotten fined for all of that which makes my discourse community upset, but nothing is being done to solve these issues. There have been multiple times where feminine products have been found in the bathrooms. The residence halls

do present a few challenges that mostly have to do with health and hygiene. The health of students could be improved with new sinks are able to keep the water running and constant cleaning of the bathrooms. There have been some issues in the past where our janitor has not done a good job in keeping our bathroom clean, and I believe a general upkeep of the bathrooms on both the students ends, and the janitors could help with hygiene overall.

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