Dimensions Of The Organizational Behavior Essay


1.Discuss your view on the four key Dimensions of Political Skill
2.Use the concepts of transactional, transformational, charismatic, and authentic leaders to give examples of the leadership of Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA)
3.What are the key leadership lessons provided by Kamprad?€™s experiences?
4.What skills would you Personally need to Develop or refine to become a Leader like Kamprad?


1.The four dimensions of the organizational behavior are as follows:

Social astuteness: The people who are blessed with political skills are shrewd and are at good at observing others. These people are very good at interpersonal skills and very skilled at understanding the behavior patterns of other individual.

Networking ability: This is a useful skill where the individual can easily build good relationships with people of importance. This association is based on the benefits of the people within the organizations, which can be both personal and organizational. These alliances formed by the people are beneficial to them while working in the organization (Block, 2016).

Interpersonal influence: The politically skilled people can easily influence other people with their strong opinion. This people are persuasive in nature and can alter their behavior for extracting the desired output

Apparent sincerity: The people having political skills should portray that they are sincere and genuine otherwise they won’t be able to influence other people.

2.The most suitable example of a charismatic leader is Ingvar Kamprad, which is seen when he leads the company from the front by setting examples for others. Kamprad is also aligned to the transformational leadership who provides motivation and displays confidence in his subordinates. He believes in democracy and likes to make his subordinates feel important.

3.Ingvar Kamprad is a magnetic leader and tries to can incorporate different styles of leadership qualities within him. Kamprad believes in self-introspection and he accepts his mistakes and weakness. This shows his humility, compassion and simplicity. He teaches how to respect others and how to gain respect from others.

4.An individual who wants to be leader like Ingvar Kamprad will have to be humble and simple. The individual will have to show equal respect to others and consider other people as important. The best leader leads from the front and so the individual will have to develop enough confidence to lead from the front (Nahavandi, 2016).


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