Digital Marketing: Worldwide Popular Fast Food Brand Essay


Discuss about the Digital Marketing for Worldwide Popular Fast Food Brand.



This essay is aimed to make an analysis on the worldwide popular fast food brand McDonalds. This essay describes the digital marketing strategies adopted by this brand as well as the success of the strategies in terms of achieving brand awareness. On the other hand, this essay also discusses the success of KFC in digital marketing as it belongs to the similar industry of McDonalds.


Digital Marketing Strategies Used by McDonalds

  • Setting a Goal – McDonald’s have started with a solid digital marketing objective with the help of which this brand can get more success all over the world. Apart from that this organization has also set their authentic KPIs (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2012).
  • Marketing Funnel –By creating a marketing funnel, this brand has successfully mapped out the customer’s journey
  • Development of a call-to-action – With the help of the development of CTA, McDonald’s results in more conversions and leads for their websites.
  • Effective Lead Magnet – By creating effective lead magnet, it becomes easy for McDonalds to collect more information regarding the potential buyers (Aboutmcdonalds 2016).
  • Driving Traffic – With the help of social media such as Facebook, twitter and others, website optimization, keyword strategy and quality content, McDonalds have successfully drive traffic.

Success in Digital Marketing Strategy

McDonalds have become successful with the help of the digital marketing strategies those have been utilized by the brand. This is because, with the help of the digital marketing strategies, this brand has successfully to their more target customers in order to spread their business all over the world. People are getting more updates regarding new products as well as the innovation made on the products launched by the brands (McQuade et al., 2015). All of the digital marketing strategies have been developed by McDonalds very well so that the product awareness is huge among their customers.

Success in Digital Marketing Strategy of KFC

KFC is another famous brand like McDonalds from this food industry that has been very successful in order to enhance brand awareness using the strategies of digital marketing. KFC is such a brand who is popular for their digital marketing campaign. One of their most popular campaigns of KFC is the “Happy Price” campaign which was widely accepted by their customers (KFC 2016). On the other hand, the innovative app of this brand has fulfilled the business objective of this brand in all over the world.

Uniqueness in the Digital Marketing Strategies

McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food chains that has successfully increase their popularity with the help of their innovative as well as authentic digital marketing campaigns. There are several authentic activities adopted by the brand due to which McDonalds has become successful.

  • Their ideas behind the digital marketing campaigns have more driven their popularity.
  • Their digital marketing campaigns like “Happy Meal Play Zones” is one of the most popular campaigns which have created huge brand awareness for McDonalds (Aboutmcdonalds 2016).
  • Their apps like “Iced Fruit Smoothie App”, their social media campaigns like Instagram feeds as well as the Facebook and twitter pages have convinced their customers regarding the quality of their products.


McDonalds is very popular for their fast food products. However, with the help of the overall discussion made in this essay, it has been clear that the authentic and innovative digital marketing campaigns have made this brand more successful to achieve huge brand awareness.

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