Digital india’s impact on indian economy Essay

The most popular word in today's era is "Digitalization." Without digitization, development is not possible. We can not achieve our development goals, which we aspire to as long as we do not digitize. In recent years, large-scale adoption of digital services connected by digitization, consumers, enterprises, and governments has emerged as a major inspiration and endowment of socio-economic benefits. On 1 July 2015, the Digital India program was implemented in India under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Digital India can play a big role in connecting villages and enabling their development. Throughout the world, the development of digitalization is happening very fast, however, its effects are uneven on different areas. This program is about four years old, it has contributed significantly to improving the Indian economy and strengthening the Indian economy at the global level. In this paper, we will talk about the many advantages and disadvantages of the Digital India program. Also, we will also discuss the challenges of Digital India program.

Key Words : Digital India, Advantages, Disadvantages, Challenges.

Review of literature :

Biswas, Suprio (2016) ' Digital India : A Unique Step towards E-learning in India', This research paper covers e-learning, e-Governance, mobile connectivity, information and communication technology for change in education. Analysis of this paper concluded that digital India programs help in using modern technology in education and also save time and money.

Shafiullah, Shaik (2016) “Digital India : the Future of India”, This research paper analyzes the role of the Digital India program in India's future creation. In this research, it was found that around 40% of the people living below poverty line are living in rural areas who do not have basic facilities, so the Digital India program will not be successful unless it is focused on these facilities.

Khan, Saima (2015) "Digitization and its impact on Economy”, in the research paper, has highlighted the impact of digitization on the economy, under which information and communication technology is considered to be the basis of the economy. Through the digitization, social economic change can be done. Increase in employment and improving lifestyle and increasing knowledge can be included.


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