Digital Era And Cyber Crime Essay


Internet communication can be traced back to the era of U.S military communications in curbing and monitoring cold war particularly the soviet nuclear attack. Additionally, the internet communication has ever sine been the most appropriate form of communication across the world. For example, certain information such as an attack can be relayed all over the world within the shortest time possible (Brown, 2010). This is evident from the online social sites which have served as international hubs for people from different walks of life can meet, share and exchange a lot of information about many things in the world.

Basically, since 1980s, the American society has undergone many transformations in the online world thus advanced communication skills. This is evident from the hyper-technological innovations experienced in the recent decades. The digital period has made life for humanity quite easier and affordable. Currently, people spend less time in search of information because everything is readily available online (Hennessy & Patterson, 2007). With the help of computers and life is quite interesting and full of fun. However, there are great dangers in this digital era because of its deadly impact on humanity at large. The following historical milestones have been made in the transformation systems. Some of these include;

The big computers which were once used in academic institutions, government offices and in bigger corporations are now readily available in most American households. Surprisingly, as of today, laptops have overtaken the heavy monitors and CPUs hence, championing the element of efficiency and portability. For example, a fifteen year old child can easily communicate using the new modernized communication gadgets. This could be either through text messaging, emails, fax and even Skype, which involves video calling. Based on the census bureau of the United States in 1984 it were only 8.2% of the Americans owned computers as opposed to 2000’s 51% of the entire population owning computers. This is a clear indication the world is transforming from the analogue period to the digital era.

Consequently, it is only 40million people could access internet in 1984 and this was because most homesteads had no internet connection during that specific period. But as of 2000, more than 63% (128 M) of the Americans used the internet in various ways of communication and gaining of information. The speed of data transfer from one person to the other has enhanced and facilitated communication to greater heights of success (Walden, 2007). This is reached at through the use of mega fiber cables which have helping in upgrading internet speed especially in streaming, downloading and attachment of various files of information.


This one of the internet communication methods and it has really made life a bit simpler. Many people across the world use emails in both formal and informal communications. For example, most company employers use emails to communicate to the employees. This is equally possible for friends to chat on various issues through emails. However, many criminal offenses have been reported over the email method of communication. This is quite clear because criminals can easily hack into some people’s confidential emails and distort some information thus chaos and confusion on the rise (Casey, 2002).

Social sites

Social sites such Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram among many more are part of the internet communication. These are actually avenues of relaying any piece of information within the shortest time possible and unfortunately, criminals can easily penetrate into these sites and be able to conduct illegal dealings. Criminals have fully exploited millions of people has they tend to cheat and con them up (Casey, 2002). For example, fraudsters are all over in the internet to compromise millions of people on various meaningless and valueless things.


In conclusion, cybernation has undergone tremendous transformations hence the ability to modify the modes of communication to greater extents right away from the analogue period to the digital era. Communication has been made possible and a bit simpler thus enabling the entire world to be fully updated especially based on the historical milestones undergone since 1984 to present. However, crime rates are the rise as millions of people are rendered vulnerable on their online security and privacy.

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