Development Of Consumer Cognition Essay


Area of theory is learning and add should be based on learning which means what is relation of this advertisement to Learning. Add is related to any brand.

1.At least 2 illustrative examples (e.g., could be embedded videos, ads, examples of organisations that have utilised a knowledge of that influence). It is important that when you include these examples that you explain their relevance.

2.A list of academic sources related to the area of theory for further reading (there must be 1 source) with 100 word description of how useful each source is for improving your understanding of the influence and how it would help you to predict consumer behaviour.


1.Toyota Corolla

The company has always been involved in introducing new campaign for the consumer based on the range of products it launches one after the other. Such huge campaigns are adopted by the company only with the expectation of attracting maximum number of targeted customers by altering their behavior. In it recent advertisement of Toyota Corolla that the company launched in 2017 targeting the young generation has helped them influence the behavior of many young audiences (Toyota Australia TV Commercial, 2017). The advertisement focuses on the zeal of the young people to go various places with their all-new Toyota Corolla. The video commercial also presented the toughness of the car that can be easily carried from one place to another without any problem. The advertisement has been designed according to the target customers and to show the design and quality of the car that the company has focused. The style, energetic nature and unique design of the car shown in the advertisement helps them to attract customers that the company targets. Thus the advertisement has successfully helped in affecting the behavior of the consumer as the extra-ordinary effort shown in the video has an appealing affect on the young generation. It has guided the consumer to judge the facilities, style and services the car is offering (Malik, et al., 2013). Thus, the advertisement has been successful in offering a right push to the targeted market and displaying the new features that it is introducing for the target market.

Bulla Ice cream

Bulla ice cream is one of the famous ice cream brands of Australia and has been able to capture the market based on the extraordinary promotional efforts put by the company. It has always structured its advertisement as an entertainment one in order to attract the kids, which is the largest consumer base of the company. In its recent advertisement about the launch of its new ice cream range which is Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream (Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream, 2017). The advertisement has used a kid to showcase the love and taste of ice cream that kids get after consuming this new range. As the name suggests the new range is a creamier one, the advertisement also focuses on showing the creamy content of the ice cream. This helped the company to influence the kids to increase their love for ice cream and consume it as soon as possible. The advertisement has an attracting affect on the target customers. it shows the crave for ice cream that kids have and the new creamy ice cream range will increase the craving among the kids. This has a direct affect on the behavior of the customer it targets from the video. Moreover, the advertisement also displays the sharing behavior kids should have, which influences the nature of the kids. The video shows that kids can share ad have the tasty creamy ice cream with their siblings and friends. Thus, the new ice-cream range shown in the advertisement tends to influences the buying behavior in the kids and allows them to increase their demand for ice cream (Berger, 2015).

2.The companies are trying to invest more in advertising and social media to leverage the power and to shape the perception of the consumers in regards to the brand and product. The marketers are trying to capture the market through the use of creative strategic ideas such as viral marketing which help them in the exponential self-replication of the marketing messages. It is also important to understand the concept of brand equity as it allows to understand the interactivity between the company and the consumers that helps in the development of consumer cognition and the attitude of the consumers towards that particular brand (Grant, Botha & Kietzmann, 2015).

The effectiveness and nature of advertising is regarded as an important topic in understanding the psychology of advertising. The successful advertising campaigns has yielded financial rewards for the company. It has been found that advertisement in tight cultures must emphasize on the general outfits from a regulatory perspective. Moreover, a successful advertising campaign has also yielded financial rewards for the company. Creative advertisement campaigns are more likely to vary across these cultures. The companies who use these platform tries to seek assistance for the generation of ideas in product design, advertising campaigns and marketing strategy. Therefore, it can be said that the strategies used by the companies in developing brand loyalty across different culture will help in conveying normative pressure in the purchase of that particular brand (Li, Gordon & Gelfand, 2017)


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