Development Of Autonomous Motivation System Essay


Discuss about the Development of Autonomous Motivation System.



Motivational aspects are very much important in each and every business units. Motivation is very much needed in order to shake up the organization. One of the effective ways to do it is by making the new people or the new employees of the office to look at around the old business ideas. As per the opinion of Berner, the new motivating business ideas are such that are like the old ideas which come out from the trenches (Reindl et al 2015). If there is the need for a shake in an organization, the employees and the other superiors must keep this in mind that they are to search and dig the business ideas from the past(Gerster et al 2013).

This along with payment and rewards as per the performance of the employees is also very much needed. This practice of payment for performance had become very week in many of the business organizations and this is very much needed or pushing or motivating the employees. Berner is also of the opinion that several new ideas can also come from the big markets and above all it is the responsibility of the CEO of any and every company to keep in mind that it is he who has to act as the main motivator behind pushing his employees forward. It is he who has to get all the work done quickly and with perfection. Another important and essential way through which the motivation can be generated is by analyzing the assets and seeing how to built and rebuilt the shareholder value (Gerster et al 2013).


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