Development Communication And Deontological Ethics Essay


Discuss about the Development Communication and Deontological Ethics.



There has been a great development in the technologies Management in the past few years. Due to this there has been great advancements in the field of the information technologies. The evolution in the technologies have helped the people of whole world to be more comfortable and solve a great deal of issues by these advancements. Although there has been a number of issues that have come up along with the advancements of the technologies. In addition to this these issues have also raised concerns regarding the ethical part of the businesses. There are certain theories regarding the ethics in the businesses and the field of information technology. In addition to this there is the classical ethical theories and most of these issues have violated the theories.

This essay is concern with one of the issues that have come up regarding the development in the field of information technology. The issues that has been raised in this essay is the issue of the issue of the Volkswagen car Company integrating the Amazon Alexa AI into their cars. According to the article released by the US Media Site on January 5, 2017 it has been mention that the Volkswagen Company are looking to launch the cars in the market that would be incorporated with the AI that is produced by the Amazon company. The Volkswagen Company already had introduced the car net in their cars. The car net technology allows the users to connect their cars with their smartphone and also access many features of the car from their smartphone like locking and setting destinations. This technology of the cars were introduced in the year 2013. Now the Alexa AI is being incorporated with the car net technology. This would be allowing the customers to be able to access more feature into the system that is already existing. They would be able to access their amazon accounts from within the car and also purchase products for the car from the amazon website. But for using these technologies the users would have to provide their personal information to the system. Hence this gives rise to the ethical issues. This would be hampering the privacy for the users and this this effects the ethical side of the technology.

The main ethical issues that have come up from the situation Management is the issue of the privacy of the users. The data that is provided by the user is available to company. Hence, these situation violates the classical ethical theories. The theory of Utilitarianism is concerned with the maximum utilization of the resource by the maximum people. The Alexa AI that is incorporated in the cars would be obtaining very private data of all their users and this would be affecting most of their users and hence, this would be violating the Utilitarian theory of the classical ethical theories. In addition to this, the deontology theory was also violated by the company. The deontology theory deals with the duty towards all human beings (Chiu et al., 2014). The technology that is released by the company would not be able to provide the users the privacy for their data and hence, the deontological theory of the classical ethical theories are violated here. In addition to this there is the virtue ethics in the classical ethical theory (Paquette et al., 2015). It is believed according to the virtue ethics that if a person is morally correct he would not be conducting any kind of unethical behavior in his professional life or at the workplace. The AI that would be implemented in the cars is only a machine and would not be having any kind of practical morals incorporate in them and hence the virtue ethics would be violated (Hursthouse, 2013). In addition to this, there is the Contact theory and it deals with the justification of the events that occur. The situation that is being discussed don to provide any justice as the company acquires the user data almost forcefuly an d hence the contact theory is violated in this case (Magelssen et al., 2016).

For the resolution of this issue, a number steps can be taken. Firstly the users should be aware of the privacy issues that are there in place with these cars. In addition to this the company and the developers should look to incorporate some authentication facilities within the AI that would be helping to increase the security constrains of the technology. In addition to this the company should look to incorporate some policies into their business that would be securing the user information from the external agents.

For conclusion it can be said that, the essay has successfully discussed the ethical issue that are related to the incorporation of the AI technologies with the car net technology of their car. The issues identified here is the privacy of the data of the users. In addition to this the classical ethical theories have also been discussed in the essay and the violation of the theories by the issues is also discussed here.


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