Devastation of the past leads to success in the future Essay

Reflecting on my younger days I can think about various situations that make me think of the saying “Short cuts make long delays”. They have taught me various lessons that I have implemented in my day to day life.

In grade 8, sitting in a mathematics classroom, I thought I knew everything there was to know about mathematics, or anything for that matter. It later used to become habit for me to do the mathematics exercises beforehand (not concerned whether I was right or wrong) while the teacher was explaining the topics and going through various examples of problems. Initially it worked out well for me, I found myself having to do less mathematics homework when I got home, and found more time to do tasks that I found more appealing. Needless to say that doing this came back to haunt me as later in the year the pressure of disappointment had dawned upon me after failing a mathematics formative assessment. Failure seemed to follow me around in the mathematics class from that day forth until the end of my grade 8 year. The shortcuts I took in grade 8 resulted in me getting 50% for my overall mathematics mark at the end of the year. That very mark began to make me doubt my ability in mathematics and just schoolwork in general.

Taking the lessons that I had learnt from grade 8 and applying them to grade 9, along with the help of my mathematics teacher, I had begun to regain confidence in myself to do a task I had found strenuous. I paid attention in class and took down the examples and notes given to the class and began to apply myself. After months of applying myself, my view on mathematics began to improve and so did my understanding of the subject. By the end of the year I had managed to attain a 64% for mathematics. That’s a 14% difference from the previous year.

The lesson that can be learnt from this is that short cuts do indeed make long delays. If I were just to apply myself in the classroom from grade 8 and make an effort to improve my marks, I could have been much further in my schooling career. Not only was my schooling affected by taking a short cut, but mentally it had a toll on me and my self-confidence. That had delayed me for a part of my life until I could mentally and physically pick myself up and decide to be better.

Lesson behind this is to always do the work that is required of you no matter what it is or how strenuous it may turn out to be. In the long run it will prove to be beneficial in your life regardless of how senseless it may appear currently.

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