Destruction of nature Essay

The earth is in the nature of human being, yet very fragile from how it gets treated over the years. In the event that planet earth doesn't get the support needed from people, the present and future generations will not be able to experience nor enjoy it. From the past decade the world has changed drastically as human beings have made an impact with reference to the environment. Over the centuries, the population increased and natural resources started in order to fall and collapse. Human beings reshape the world to fit there isolated demands. The living have caused irreparable damages. The world becoming unhygienic as well as polluted environment can be noxious to individuals with dangers to civilization. Members of the human race have a long history in catastrophes. In particular has led to many problems that the race have created, is destruction against itself.

Destruction on the environment along depletion appertaining to resources alike as air, water, and soil. Environmental degradation is one concerning the threats officially cautioned by means of the high level panel, in regards to threats. Definite populations cognate as children, pregnant women, including older adults. The living are culpability to all the plumments of biodiversity. Annihilation is global wide due to the fact with individuals occupations cause harm towards the environment across a global scale. With reference regarding human reproduction, over consumption, over exploitation, pollution and deforestation. A global catastrophe risk that threatens the existence of the entire human race including the society. Destruction towards nature has become a huge problem.

A few complications include climate change, multifariousness and overpopulation which caused damages to the environment species started to go extinct along with habitats being ravaged. Pollution and the overuse of natural resources towards the world. Human kind reshapes the planet just to fit their individual needs, and the earth does not function correctly with the way the population act towards it. Impacts towards the society have the ability to lead towards human health, energy, agriculture, and food security. Assist for the purpose of higher levels of consumption of resources. The direction concerning the world changes precipitation, rising sea levels, and threatens the resources towards food and water resources. Mans involvement in nature causes the world to reshape ina more damaging way setting hazorouse ways for humans health to be toxic.

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