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Discuss About The Designing Learning Actions Plans Achieve?



The most important thing in any person’s life is his career. Anything that a man pursues to earn his living becomes his career. That is why it is said to have a proper career planning to ensure the best career so that one can lead a most satisfied life. Career planning can be defined as an ongoing process where one explore his/her interests and abilities; strategically plan their career goals and create their future work success by designing learning and actions plans to achieve your goals (Planning Your Career 2014).

Value Audit

Audit means the inspection of something, mainly of accounts. But here this term is used to audit (inspection) of our values that we have learnt from our course of study(Hecky 2017). Personal value means, the belief that we have in something(Miller 2014). Below are the 5 personal values that has influence our life choices and is important in our career management:

  • Hard-working.
  • Self-educating.

The considerations of personal values are crucial in career management because if a personal do not hold any personal values in him/her then that person is of no good to anyone. Honesty is the top most personal value that will always help a person in building his/her career, as everything comes afterwards but honest is the primary thing that every employer wants in his employees (Lington 2013).

After completing my current course of study, I am going to be an entrepreneur as I have a keen interest in printing machineries and it is my family business. I have learnt so many hard skills from my current course of study that it will help my family business to reach to new heights. Below are the 5 hard skills that I have learnt while studying business accounting(Rouse 2008):

  • Proficiency in many foreign languages.
  • Can operate almost any new machine.
  • Capable of planning.
  • Can easily overcome changes.
  • Knowledge of preparing statistical reports.

The above mentioned skills are going to help me in my coming future. As I wants to be an entrepreneur these are the hard skills that can actually help me setting up a strong and a successful business.

Capability Audit

Capability is something that the person knows about himself, that to what extent he can go. Capability audit is the inspection of someone owns capability (Tinderson 2011). It is really important to have some good capabilities as these are going to accompany a person lifelong. Now we will discuss the criteria through which the employers choose graduates to work in their firm.

  • Relevant Qualification
  • Written Test
  • Testing of Different Skills
  • Experience
  • Traditional Interview

Above are the 5 most common criteria that different employers use to select employees for the firm. Relevant qualification this is a criteria used by almost every other firm of the world. No business organization would choose a new employee, who doesn’t even posses relevant qualification for the job. It is not wrong to say that it is the most common criteria of selecting an employee. The Banking sector of India conducts written test in order to choose the newly graduate pass outs. Traditional Interview is the criteria that is again a very common criteria used by even the smallest of the organizations to select the employees for the firm. Apple Inc is an international firm that tests different skills of the candidates in order to employ them into the firm. The different testing of skill may even include the way a candidate handles a situation that is uncontrollable. Face book is also an example of such firms that test different skills of a candidate rather than conducting a traditional interview. The CEO of face book sometimes takes auditing candidates on a walk and talks them about various things and then ultimately decides whether the candidate is capable of working in the firm (Vishal 2016).

I personally feel that, I need to further work on the ability of managing projects. As I am competent in most of the other skills for being a perfect entrepreneur but my ability of managing project is average. I feel that to be a successful entrepreneur one needs to be competent in all the skills and areas of business that will ultimately results in the achievement of the common goals of the business.

Elevator Pitch

My name is Naimur Rahman, studying in Victoria University, the program of bachelor of business (Accounting). I come from a background that owns a family business in my home country. It is my last year of the course and I have learnt many hard and soft skills namely: Knowledge of 3 different languages, Capable of planning, Communication skills and responsibility etc. I am a sports coordinator in Victoria University that brings another quality of mine into light and that is “sportsman spirit”. Furthermore, I have worked with a local sandwich maker company on the position of the manager, I have practiced all the mentioned skills in the operations of the local company and I would add here that my skills really helped to hike the sales of the firm.


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