Design Evaluation: Online Gift Shop Essay


Discuss about the Design Evaluation for Online Gift Shop.


Design Justification

The user interface for the online gift shop designed to improve the present conditions of the gift shop by making an online presence. The interface being designed will help to attract customers by providing them with facility to purchase their choice of gift items without visiting the gift shop physically. The design of the interface has been developed such that it is easy for the customers to use and gift items can be purchased without hassle. The user interface for the online gift shop has been prepared after acquiring some concepts and ideas from the existing online gift stores.

The chosen design for the online gift shop is suitable in terms of usability and simplicity. The designed interface is easy to understand and can be used without any technical knowledge which makes it easier for any novice user to browse gift items available in the gift shop and place their order. The interface has been designed with perfection to give a pleasant look and feel to the website so that the users do not find it difficult to use the website and loose interest.

User Requirements

The interface design has been developed mainly to fulfill the objective of displaying gift items available in the store and facility to purchase those items by the customers. The interface being designed have the functionality to search from the available gift items in the shop and place the selected items into a virtual shopping cart unlike a physical shopping basket. The first user requirement that have been taken into consideration for designing the user interface of online gift shop is that it is easy to use and simple in nature. The shopping cart being designed in the interface offers the users with facility to save their choice of gift items so that they can view their purchased items and finalize placing their order. Next, the interface being planned has been included with an inquiry bar so that the clients can without much of a stretch search from the accessible things in the online gift shop. The shopping basket helps the clients to include, change or erase things according to the selection of clients before continuing to definite request putting method. The interface has been additionally installed with a help page to give the clients outline of some basic issues being confronted while putting in their request and how to determine them. There is likewise another module being actualized in the interface for simplicity of the clients to pay ahead of time while putting in their request. The requesting page gives a diagram of acquired things and the aggregate sum that must be paid by the clients and they likewise have a benefit to include their decision of time as well as address for delivery of the purchased items.

Design Framework

The UI for the online gift shop has been planned considering the particular prerequisites decided from outline proposition. The plan has been made with the end goal that at each progression of utilizing the online gift shop, the clients don't confront any trouble to submit their request of feel that the site or portable use of the online gift shop is unpredictable in nature. The interface has been set up accordingly that the clients can without much of a stretch put in their request for specific gift things by either looking or browsing accessible things. The outline has been picked so that the clients can put in their request by taking after well-ordered methodology. The thoughts and ideas for outlining the interface has been assembled from different accessible online gift shops however the most straightforward modules from those have been chosen for this specific project. The plan strategies for sites have likewise been considered to guarantee that the interface is being composed by outline standards as convenience principles. In setting to this project for online gift shop, the accessible sources from which outlining the UI has been assembled is recorded as beneath:


From the assessment of outlined UI for the online gift shop, it can presumed that all the client necessities being distinguished in the plan proposition have been thought about. The UI has been planned with the end goal that it meets the prerequisites and can be effortlessly utilized by the clients of the online gift shop. The plan determinations and in addition convenience models have been kept up to outline the UI for the online gift shop. The substance have been organized consecutively with the goal that clients think that its less demanding to move around the online gift shop either getting to the site or versatile application.


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