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Good for everyone on the platform, especially for the Hispanic community, lovers of art, motor sport and games. In this opportunity I bring you a post that aims to show you a new design made by me. This design is dedicated to the gear community, which was the first Hispanic community that I joined. They gave me great support and also taught me the importance of interacting in communities to adapt to the world of Steemit.

The ENGRANATE PROJECT is an independent initiative of @untaljames, in order to UNITE the exponential growth of the Spanish-speaking community on the STEEMIT platform.


As in my previous presentations, the designs are made by me with the Photoshop program and the renders with the 3ds Max program.

Steps I made when designing the design:

1) Open the template of the Chevy Camaro 2019 car, in the Photoshop program.


Chevy Camaro 2019 Template

2) I painted the entire base of the white template, with the color layer overlay tool of the template.


Template after being painted

3) Place the design base on the template. The basis of the design was previously elaborated with the program, since it is easier in terms of the tools to be used.


Basis of design


Template with the basis of the design

4) Next I placed the logo of the gear community, in each of the positions and sizes that the sponsorships were originally placed in the Nascar series.


Scheme after having placed the sponsorship

5) Then I put all the numbers, both on the sides, hood, roof and back of the template.


Final outline after placing the numbers

6. Finally, and after fixing some details in the design, I proceeded to export our paint scheme in image format (png, jpg, tga).


Final image exported

Steps to perform the reder:

1) I opened the 3ds Max program and look for the Scene to render.

image.png Render Scene (3D Model)

2) To the model of the 3ds car of the scene I placed the design in image format, as they were taught in my previous publications on this subject.


Model with the design made in Photoshop

3) Then I selected the option to render the scene. In addition, you must wait 100% of the process.

image.png Render Process

4) Finally we have our design made and rendered for your presentation.

DESIGN GEAR 2019.png

Render finished




Design information:

Car number: #54

Main sponsor: Gear Community

Design created by @ franz54

Chevy Camaro 2019 Template Splash N 'Go Graphics

Scene for the 3ds max rendering downloaded from Splash N 'Go Graphics

Rendered by @ franz54

All images in this Post were made by @ franz54.

Text separator taken from the post: Text Separators. Contribution to Steemit. Made by @tettu



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