Depression awareness Essay

Scene 1: The scene opens with a shot of a vase of dead tulips juxtaposed against a white background. The scarcity of this shot conveys a solemn mood.

Scene 2: A joins her friends for a dinner party. Obviously, she no longer suits her peers, they all smile and laugh together while she sits on the outskirts of the table, looking a little away from the group. She is also different from her friends by the dark clothes she wears.

The picture begins with the extreme approach of the eyes of HER, which convey the sadness that she feels.

A: I shouldn't have come here. I no longer fit. I'm tired of the falsification of a smile, I just wanted them to notice, but no one understands me.

Muffled laughter and loud chatter can be heard from Natalie's friends (who have not yet shown), they sound far and incomprehensible (as if through A”s separate mood).

Superimposed text on the screen (voice commenting of the spoken person simultaneously):

“One in four young people in suffers from a mental disorder, and depression is one of the most common problems.Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 live with depression every year”

А: I don't know why I feel this way all the time. I just wanted to get out of this, what's with me? I feel that I have fallen into a dark tunnel from which I cannot escape, and in the end I cannot see any light. In the picture her friends laugh, smile, drink and talk with each other. Normal behavior, which can be observed at a dinner party, but it seems to be such a routine.

A: They all look so happy and normal, why can't I feel normal again? I'm so worried about this.

Back to her, who drank and filled her wine while she looked unhappy.

Voice over (the voice commentating):

Common signs of depression in young people include social withdrawal, drops in concentration and performance in study, engaging in risky behaviour, and increased alcohol or drug usage. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression or you suspect a loved one may be suffering from depression it is important to seek help from a GP or a mental health professional, especially if the person discusses suicide.

Scene 3: Turn up: this scene is shot in a bright and sunny park and opens with an empty park bench. Then we see A enter the frame and sit on the left side of the bench. She obviously seems happier when she smiles and wears a bright floral sundress. Background bird noise chirps Then girlfriend A, B enters the frame and sits down next to her, she holds a fresh tulip in her hand and stretches it A. Girls embrace in warm and happy hugs.

A: B noticed that I did not seem to be myself, and she told me that her brother was receiving help from depression. She made me understand that I was not alone, and helped me to have the courage to talk with my doctor about how I feel. He was able to direct me to someone with whom you can talk, and he prescribed me medicines that helped me get back to feeling right. Now I see the light again at the end of the tunnel.

The camera then turns up to show a picture of clouds above the head, which shows a sense of hope.

At the end:Voice (commentating):

Do not delay the search for help from depression. Talk to your loved ones about how you feel and seek help from your local doctor or a qualified mental health professional today.

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