Depiction Of Three Horrible "Monsters" Essay

Since human beings came to existence, human life has been a great deal, a treasure that must be preserved at all cost. Global laws and the holy doctrines also support the idea of keeping human life safe. However, some people turn out to be monsters through ruthless acts of taking human lives. American history is characterized by a series of serial killers who have haunted the citizens of various states for a considerably long time. The degree to which their activities turned out to be lethal varied, and with time, there are those who turned out to be monstrous than the others. The actual human race in the country evaded them like a deadly plague and hoped to have them brought to justice and pay for their actions. Some of those people include Richard Ramirez, David Berkowitz, and Ralph Raymond Andrew. This paper will look into the lives of these people and the actions that earned them the horrific title ‘monsters.’

The famous son of Sam whose real name was David Berkowitz was a known serial killer born in the 50s. A separation of his parents immediately he was born led to his adoption by the Berkowitz family where he earned the name David Berkowitz. David was an energetic young man who was somehow big for his age. He had a rather strange complexity and an unattractive look. He believed that his mother died as he was giving birth to him which made him very irritated despite his adoption as stated by (Kirschner, David and Linda, 1996, p204). He felt rejected which made him be a bully. Fellow kids could therefore not cope with him. His adoptive parents were said to be a couple, and David perfectly adopted this character which made him a loner even when he was a grown up. Later on, his adoptive mother passed away which stressed him up a great deal due to the intimacy that existed between the two. His father then remarried, and since his new mother could not cope with his character, they moved out to another residence when David was only 18 years old. At this age, David joined the military where he served for three years. When he went back home, he realized that his birth mother was still alive. David went ahead to create a reunion with his mother that never lasted for long. He was involved in blue color jobs, and in the process, he lost contact with his mother. His workmates saw him as a quiet loner, but they could not fathom the kind of a lethal character that David possessed. All this time, he was living in the Bronx where he is said to have made his first killing in December 1975. Here, he attacked his first victims with a knife killing one woman. The incident left a 16 years old girl severely injured from being stabbed several times. He then left for Yonkers where he lived as a neighbor to a family that owned a dog. The dog is said to howl the whole night which kept David from sleeping. This continued, and David began to interpret those howling as messages from the demon ordering him to kill women. In an attempt to silence the devil, he continued with his killings all which were carried out using a 44 caliber revolver. The principal victims were young and beautiful girls especially those that grew long and dark hair. It is said that David hunted down these young ladies because he never got a chance to be close to anyone of them due to his unattractive look. Infarct, he saw women as the ones who failed him in life beginning with his birth mother who for a long time made him believe that she had passed away as she was giving birth to him. He then related the death of his adoptive mother to this. The only woman who David had an intimate relationship with infected him with a venereal. His killings continued, and at one point, he started writing letters to the police stating that he was ready to strike again which shows that he was a real monster who never cared for human life as stated by (Gresswell et al., 1994, p14). Another letter that was addressed to the magazine had a rather disturbing message “blood and family- darkness and death- absolute depravity-44.” At one point, he moved to an apartment on Pine Street where he lived with a neighbor named Sam and his wife, a family which owned a black Labrador. David believed that the Labrador was also possessed and it was out there to torment him. David viewed Sam as a person with collaboration with the devil and that he was sent to torment him more. At this time, he named himself the son of Sam. His killings continued for almost two years when at one time his residence was discovered, and this led to his arrest. He immediately surrendered to the police as he uttered words that showed that it was him who had been making the killings. “Well, you have got me.” He then mocked the police by asking them why they took so long to apprehend him. Taunting the police after all those killing showed how cruel a monster he was as stated by (Kirschner, David and Linda, 1996, p204). By the time he was arrested, he had managed to kill six people and injure much more on the process.

Another serial killer whose apprehension brought relieve to the whole state of California was named Richard Ramirez who was nicknamed the night stalker. He was born in the 60s in the Texas United States. He is said to be a brutal monster which never respected humanity at all. He is known for raping and torturing his victims and then killing them using various weapons such as hammers, machetes, guns, knives among others. In his time, he is known to have killed over a dozen number of people and injured over 25. He carried out his activities during the night, and that is why he was nicknamed ‘the night stalker.’ He had a rather disturbed childhood influenced by his cousin Mike, a highly decorated Green Beret soldier who fought in the Vietnamese war. Mike told him fascinating stories about the war and the way he brutalized the Vietnamese women. Mike also introduced him to satanic worship and taking of marijuana which impacted negatively on the life of the young boy. These activities led him to commit petty crimes that estranged him from his Catholic parents thus allowing him to spend more time with his cousin. It is said that Ramirez was there when Mike murdered his wife which seems to have activated the monstrous in him. Due to his theft and possession of drugs, he was jailed for sometimes. In 1984, he was released from prison. At this time, he seemed to have cultivated the culture of Satanism in his life. He also led a messy life with rotten teeth. On June the same year, he committed his first known murder when he killed a 79 years old woman after brutalizing and sexually assaulting her as stated by (Allely, Clare et al., 2004, p218). This was followed by a series of crimes, rape cases, and killings all which were characterized by satanic rituals. These activities showed how monstrous and cruel he was as stated by (Stone and Michael, 2001, p18). He was apprehended on August 1985 after he was rescued by the police from the angry mob when he was found in a carjacking action. He was sentenced to life, and during his case hearing, several members of what seemed to be a satanic cult group used to come for his case hearing.

Ralph Raymond Andrew is yet another American serial killer convicted with a series of murders that surprisingly never left any trail of tangible evidence. He is said to have killed between 20-40 women before he was apprehended showing that he was more than a monster (Cassuto and Leonard, 2012, p241). A woman he had stubbed earlier really hoped to see him dead because he had assaulted more than enough people. At one time when he was in prison, he began bragging about the killing of a 16 year’s old Clark. One of the inmates tipped the police about this issue, and he was taped as he unraveled the whole enigma that surrounds his killings. He was then forced to write names of the victims he had killed. He produced a list of 40 women who he had brutalized, raped and killed. This displayed him as a deadly monster who deserved to die as stated by (Simon and Schuster, 2004). Most of these women were victims of mysterious disappearances. He claimed to have dumped most of their bodies in septic tanks though their bodies were never found. The septic tanks are said to have been cleaned earlier. However, his confession might have been right. He later died from a heart disease. He left behind several unsolved cases all of which were of brutal assaults, some raping, and murder which displays a picture of a cruel monster that can never be allowed to survive in this realm.

The three victims were characterized with brutality when handling people and later on killing them. Their actions caused pain and terror to the hearts of the families whose relatives were their victims. These brutal actions portrayed these people as monsters who do not value humanity. Their selfishness led to the shedding of blood and decapitation of many people. They all bragged about their actions but later on, they were all brought to justice. The world and humanity deserve better than this. Human life deserves all the necessary respect, protection and care.

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