Depiction Of Pizza Hut Organization Essay

Pizza Hut, a complex organization that thrives on making critical decisions almost daily. Some of these decisions demand lots of critical thinking and always call for the same answer. For better decision-making, a programming solution may improve the Pizza Hut organization. A selection structure may deem ideal for Pizza Hut to improve itself and its decision-making. With a program that utilizes a selection structure in place, Pizza Hut will be more powerful than ever before.

Developing the program should be difficult, but it will be well worth it for the Pizza Hut organization as a whole. The program will contain very strict instructions to follow. The accuracy of these instructions will be key when developing the program. Pizza Hut, an organization that hands out tons of coupons almost daily, utilizes coupons to attract more customers. However, sometimes coupons can cut away at pizza huts sales and profit. To solve this situation, Pizza Hut should only give coupons when set conditions are in place. If the conditions not met Pizza Hut will continue to give out the coupons to the loyal customers. If the set condition meets the true, Pizza Hut must stop giving out coupons to protect itself and its sales. The set condition will consist of Pizza Huts budget and weekly spending. Controlling this small aspect of the business will improve Pizza Hut drastically.

The program that Pizza Hut will have in place must be represented by a selection structure. Selection structures are significant because of their ability to differentiate between many paths of execution. Selections structures require conditions to be met and in some circumstances, may even skip them. According to computer examiner, Edwin Torres, “The selection structure in computer programming lets programs follow different paths of execution. It branches the code based on a condition. The three basic selection structures are single-alternative, dual-alternative and case.” (Torres, 2013, para. 1). The second selection structure that programmer Erwin listed, dual-alternative will be ideal for Pizza Hut. With the selection structure in place Pizza Hut will master one of its main costs and keep control of coupons.

The first part of the program would be the input. The user of the program or the employee must know how to set in the values. Personnel must comply with every input at the appropriate time. First, the employees will input their name, with quotations around there names. The output will then display, “Hello” and the users name that was input. Then the user will be prompt to put in the budget. The question asked will be “How much did Pizza Hut spend at the end of this week?” The user will respond by typing in the number that they are trained to type in and evaluate. After typing in Pizza huts budget, the program will analyze the condition. The condition states “Budget>=10000” the condition has only two possibilities, true and false. If the statement reads true, then the user must prompt to stop giving out coupons. Both possibilities allow Pizza Hut to make the best choice for itself given the circumstance at the time of input.

The program must be in place in all-major Pizza Hut organizations. To make the code easy and simple a pseudo-code will be necessary. Pseudo-codes can be interpreted correctly by any professional or trained computer program, which can benefit an entire organization. (Brent, 2009, para 3). The program will contain a pseudo-code that allows for more than a single option to occur. The possibility of more options can allow the program to better comply with the real world. The first line of the pseudo code will read input name. The second line will read output “hello” and name. The third line will read input budget, the fourth line will read if “Budget>=10000.” The fourth line will read then. The fifth line will be an output and will read as, “stop giving out coupons immediately.” The sixth line will read as else, the seventh line will be an output and will read as, “Give out more coupons to attract more customers.” The eighth and final line will be “End”. The complete pseudo-code will be beneficial to each and every programmer, which Pizza Hut hires to implement the program in his or her store.

In conclusion, Pizza Hut an organization that makes many crucial decisions daily will implement a program to make decisions simpler. The program will be a selection structure and will help Pizza Hut with one of its most important decisions. With the program in hand, Pizza Hut will know by the end of every week, whether to give out coupons or to stop giving out coupons for the set week. With the program in place owners, managers, and employees don’t have to over think important decisions. The personnel have to input data and the program will make the best choice on behalf of the Pizza Hut organization. With this program in place, Pizza Hut will be more powerful than ever before.

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