Delegation Of Duty As A Registered Nurse Essay


Discuss about the Delegation of Duty as a Registered Nurse.


Nurses are governed by standards and laws about delegations of their duties to health assistants. These standards help nurses in deciding what activities ought to be delegated and those that should not be delegated. This is important in promoting accountability and responsibility. As an RN I should, therefore, be aware that I cannot delegate duties to Jodie and Mary beyond their education level, skills and knowledge as well.

Delegation Rights

The delegation rights are used by RN’s in ensuring that their delegation decision making is the right procedure. This is by one, ensuring that the right activity is delegated. Second is delegating under the right circumstances. Thirdly is delegating duties to the right person and by the right person with the relevant skills (Australian Nursing and Midfery Council, 2012). Fourthly is ensuring the right description to be undertaken is precisely and communicated. This is by evaluation of work done, monitoring and intervention where necessary (McLaughlin, 2012).

As a RN, I will be responsible for the comprehensive assessment of patients by collecting the necessary details about the patient's illness and making a judgement regarding diagnosis and design a care plan. I will delegate the duties of care to Mary who will administer the necessary care under my watch. Jodie, on the other hand, will be a care assistant to both Mary and me. I will, however, be responsible for any act that is performed by Jodie and Mary (Nurses, 2011).


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