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Coaching centres are the sources of imparting knowledge to the irrespective kinds of students on irrespective types of subjects. It supplies earning chances to the teachers working in such coaching centres and persons who are running the business. Nevertheless, it is also an effective way to communicate knowledge on different subjects to the needy students. This indeed is a good and effective way of imparting knowledge and fostering the business as well. The setting up of a coaching centre requires a deep analysis of the area of concern, the demographic factors and the financial status of the targeted locations (David, 2016). The main purpose of this assignment is to analyze the different resources, which are required for setting up a coaching college.

Chosen Area in Australia

The two chosen area in Australia are Ashfield of New South Wales and Berwick of Victoria. The factor behind choosing the area is the availability of schools in those areas. Ashfield Boys High School of New South Wales and Nossal High School of Victoria are chosen as the most suitable locations for setting up coaching colleges. This because of several reasons such as educative atmosphere of the concerned areas, availability of lower classes with students in the age of (7-12), economic wellbeing of the targeted area and a quick & easy access to a huge number of students (Van Nieuwerburgh, 2012).

Justification for the Selection

Following are some of the points that validate the selection of those two areas (Davis, 2013):

  • Availability of high number of students in the age range of 7 to 12
  • Good economy of the area of concerned
  • Educational flavours of the location
  • Socio-cultural factors that supports career prosperity
  • Participation of good number of students, which is good for the business purpose as it would reduce the advertising stunt
  • Advertisement is required more in such places where there is no nearby schools or coaching colleges such as business places, market places and others
  • Supports from local residents as the visible purpose behind the set up is the growth of children, so that, they could perform good in their 12
  • Supports from political parties as these are for social causes
  • Help from the local governments as the centres are the resource for the enhancement of educational knowledge in growing students

Statistical Data

In the report of 2016 released by the government of Australia, it is evident that the numbers of enrolment of children in government schools are increasing. According to the report, New South Wales and Victoria are among the highest growing region in terms of increasing number of enrolment. The most profitable areas are the government schools. Private schools are also experiencing a significant growth. This is one of the factors, which has encouraged the learner for choosing the New South Wales and Victoria as its selective areas for the set up of coaching colleges. The number of schools in Australia is growing hugely. Within just a span of one year from 2015 to 2016, the numbers of schools in Australia have soared from just 10 to 9,414 (, 2017).


The above statistical facts did prove the validation of the selection because of several reasons to follow. The rapid growth in the number of schools in Australia especially in the government sector have widen up chances for the flourishing of coaching colleges. This is because of the fact that the growing number of students in the age range of 7 to 12 demand for additional alternative solution to the schools (Franklin & Franklin, 2012). Another important factor behind the selection is the psychology of students, which are compelling them for some alternative solutions for a brighter career prospect. These are some of the reasons, which have encouraged the group fro going to the New South Wales and Victoria in their early stages of development. The growing demand of graduate professional in the business industries are putting ample of pressure on the parents and the children for a brighter career prospect. This is where coaching colleges appear, which serves the needs of many by providing quality education in the most sophisticated ways (Wisker et al., 2013).


Coaching colleges are a good source to the transference of knowledge as well as are a good source for business. The business serves the two most important outcomes, which is good for both the society and the economy. The boost in the coaching colleges would create a good and established platform for education to the students. This would also strengthen the economy of the country by enhancing the GDP per capita.

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