Death Of Eliazar's Father Essay

Night Project – 400 Word Alternate Ending

“Water…!” I muttered to my father. I couldn’t go any longer, the feeling of lightheadedness, the feeling in my gut that just wants to spill its content out from all this overworking, my body was practically a corpse at this point. It was all just a matter of time until I take my last breath, I thought to myself as I drank the water my father had brought to me.

The pain I kept feeling was as much emotional, as it was physical. Seeing my father struggle each time so he can feed me, and watching his reaction every time I get beat up by other inmates for being “useless” in the camp; it kills us. Suddenly, as I lay in this bed with my father by my side to hear my mourns, the SS begin to yell and order every inmate to the center of the camp. My father, preoccupied with my condition, did as he was told.

That was the last time sickened Eliezer saw his father, since the SS were ordered by the Blockalteste to gather all the ill inmates and send them to the crematory. Whining and cries of help to his father all in vain, because he was too far from his father for the father to possibly have heard his crying son being taken to the crematory. Not too long after this event was that Eliezer’s dad came back to the place he’d last seen his beloved son, only to find out in his son’s cot there lay another man. It was then that Eliezer’s father knew, exactly what had happened to his son. He stopped, stood there and just stared. Imagining all the events leading up to his son’s death. “What if that last time his son got beat up didn’t happen, would Eliezer still be alive?” He asked himself. Questions like these kept running through his head. The date was January 29, 1945.

His father’s mind was taken over by thoughts about his son for the rest of the time he spent at the camp. He no longer lived to survive, he just existed and went along with what was being told of him to do and went with the flow. The day his son was murdered, he was murdered as well. He discontinued to eat, and completely revoked talking from his day-to-day life at the camp. It was not long until the camps had been shut down by the government, the camps had been terminated due to hazardous living conditions for the Jews and other factors.

As all the blocks at camp were being released, there was a loud “BOOM!” sound, it was a detonation. The guards and authority figures at camp had been under attack by troops and were being shot to death. Soon after, all starving inmates began sprinting towards the provisions and food sources to stuff their dried-out mouths with. All but one, Eliezer’s father found a dead SS, took his weapon, pointed it in between his eyes and finally, pulled the trigger.

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