Day Essay

One must never forget to cherish in life, no matter the years, days, and time have gone by. Life is a blessing, therefore, every moment must be enjoyed up to the fullest. It was the month of June on a scorching hot day when my dad and I were sitting and waiting for a chance to catch my first fish, I prepared mentally for the difficult job that lays ahead of me. After several poor fishing attempts on our trips which had left my skin sunburnt, I felt more confident at last. Finally, my dad and I arrived. I was ready to make the first complete obstacle of courage over a fish. At the age of twelve, I was confident that my strong, powerful body could overcome any obstacle to finally catch a fish.

Meanwhile, I felt strongly with emotions flowing with eagerness to cross the section of becoming a little boy to a man by finally succeeding on doing a mans hobby. In fact, I was blown away in my thoughts that the long trip to our favorite fishing spot seemed short. The immediate rumble of the engine caught me back to reality as we began to stop to fish. Suddenly I bounced back into the world, I dropped for my fishing pole. Hanging the rods end over the edge of the boat, I loosened the bail on the reel and flung the plastic lure into the water. Once I was finished and had enough line out there I sat the rod in a rod holder, I sat back to wait for a bite on the lure. For the meantime there were light chirps from the birds in the sky and a light hum from the engine of the boat and then it hit. A clear yank was on the line pulled me to my feet. I quickly ran to the pole, and when I reached it, I pulled it out of the holder with all of my strength. My energy was so effective that when I tugged on the rod, I nearly jumped over the side of the boat and joined into the fish's area.

Although my energy ran through my body rapidly, after five minutes both my strength and my mind were fading steadily. Just when I was fully prepared to quit to the fish and, with that gesture, submit to a life of pain, and sorrow, the fish performed an awesome effort. Shocked and instantly revived, I watched as the Large Mouth Bass from the lake's surface. The Large Mouth Bass skin flashed with bright colors of, green, and yellow in a breathtaking splash of the waves. The fish finally gave up as of which I used a fishing net to pull it towards the boat and as it came in the boat It dropped back to the lake with a blast of bubbles and with this incredible display. I wanted only for the possession of such a proud fish. I was honored to touch such a wonder and share the fantastic bond that a hunter must feel for his kill.

Therefore, I am relieved that I felt in such a way to my voyage from boyhood to manhood. Since that day, my senses of strong and good faith to catch another fish grew than finding myself to overlook to quitting as quickly and to lean towards to my patience which is the key to the success of catching these creatures.

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