Database Security: Database Management System Essay


What is the problem? what are the requirements needed in order to solve that problem, Why do you need to solve that problem, how is it to be solved? please focus on an optimal solution and What are the lessons learn from this research paper



Database Security is mostly common database management system. database is mainly consisting of table. It manage table in a meaningful way. That is in the table has a unique name. One table contains multiple values. Each table has unique row. Every table has unique attribute name. In database use primary key and foreign key. In a table which attribute’s value is unique this will be treat as a primary key. And in the other table the similar attribute treat as a foreign key. This primary key and foreign key relates the two tables. Relational database has advantage and limitation also (Bracci, et al.2012, July). In database security should be performed in physical layer, network layer, in the recovery etc. database security maintain by the database manager. They check all the database as well as network also.

Database security problem

Database security manager maintain the security of the organization. They maintain the security in the company or in the organization. In the organization have many types of problem. Every organization has many problems in database (Sartape, & Vasgi, 2013). Some database security issue are-

1. Daily maintenance- Database logs need daily maintenance. This maintenance should be required for maintain the misuse of database. They see the overview of the database and also update the access account. Database manager provides different types of access control for different users. They also see the performance of the database. If all work on the proper time and work daily basic then the database manager avoid the problem of the database.

2. Various security methods for application- Different application are developed by different user and their working style also different.They also access the database for creating the file in database. There have some difficulty for creating policies. Database should be in proper progress otherwise the important data are coming on the risk stage.

3. Split the position- sometime organization split the duty of the database manager and they appoint the IT administrator for cost cutting. Company think IT administrator do whole work in database management system also. They both mange the organization management system.

4. Manage user password- user password is the manageable by the user. Database manager secure the password of the user. If the user not removes the user id and password to the database for that case anyone can hack the database easily.

5. Windows OS- windows operating system is not the secure for the database management system. Anyone can take the password through the operating system and access the database.

Solve the problem

To solve this kind of problem maintenance is needed. In the first problem is the daily maintenance. Daily maintenance is required because everybody access the database system. Database system is used for the making application form. Also in the organization all data will be maintain through the database. All the employee access the database for the application form (Shaul, & Ingram, 2011). Also network security should be strong in the database system. Network should be solve by the database manager because if the network week and then the hacker access the database easily. For prevent this kind of problem network should be very strong. Next part is the password problem. Recovery the password problem user should be alert. User should be always remove the user id and password.

Need to solve the problem

Solve the problem is to be needed because database means manage data in the company or for the whole organization. Employee also store important data in the database and also access the database for making the application form. If the network will not stable then database security is less (Udai, & Dhiren, 2011). If the problem is continued then hacker attack easily. Authentication should be maintained in the database organization. User maintains the specific user id and password for authentication purpose. If the authentication not maintained then hacker can easily access the database system. In the other hand windows operating system will not secure for the database security. So this kind of problem need to be solves.

Optimal solution

For prevent the hacker in database management system maintain the three solution. That is-

Strong password

In database management system password should be very strong for prevent the hacker. Use must create a 12 character password and which is mainly the combination of the alphanumeric (. User could not use the default password. They also not use the use name as copy paste. Of this case if user use default password the hacker easily hack the password and access the database. For that case user should be use the strong password.

Validate user access

In database also authenticate the validate user.Which users are authenticated they only can access the database (Feng, 2011, January). For access the database user pass through the some authentication process for recognize the actual user. In the database login the specific user and they can access the database.

Encrypt the data

Data encryption is another solution for solve the security problem.the hacker break the authentication system and also break the password. But they cannot accessthe database. Because the data will be encrypted. Encrypted means the data will be hidden from the outside. If anyone want to access this data they decrypt the data withthe special key after that they can access this data.

Lesson needed to follow

  1. Introduction of database security
  2. Purpose of security
  3. Function of database
  4. Security management
  5. Importance of security management.


Database administrator plays an important role in the organization. They guide the organization for properly maintain in database system. They also protect the database to the hackers and prevent the important data also.


Database security is the important issue in the organization. In the organization database should be maintain by the administrator or database manager. Database maintain the table full of information. Hacker can also hack this information from the database. For prevent this kind of problem the security is needed.


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