Dark Money Book Analysis Essay

Jane Mayer

Jane Mayer is an investigative reporter who has worked with the New Yorker since 1995 (Tuttle 1). In his book “Dark money”, she uncovered major historical happenings that have transformed the politics of the United States over the years. Some of his revelations have not gone well with the corporate elite who have threatened the author with dire consequences (Tuttle 1). However, she is a determined lady whose aim is to enlighten the public about billionaires who are behind the radical right. In her book “Dark Money”, the author reveals how the rich elites have utilized their monetary capabilities to capture the US political system and place it into the hands of corporations (Ventriss 298). To her, democracy is on trial and the people no longer have influence to democratically elect the leaders they want, who are currently imposed by the key players in corporate world.

The book highlights the historical pasts of the key protagonists who are the Koch Brothers (Tuttle 1). Having fronted one of their own in early 80s, David Koch who was defeated, they decided not to engage in active politics but they would play a role in determining the course of an election (Ehrenhalt 1). The Koch Brothers then began to use their investments to campaign for their closes friends for their own selfish interests. She argues that the rich elites mainly hiding behind republicans are violating tax laws and utilizing funds meant for philanthropic work to push for their political agendas (Tuttle 1). Their interest in campaigning for other politicians may be driven by monetary gains and greed for power and more resources. Jane states that is quite difficult to ascertain the source of their wealth, however, she managed to conduct their research about their pasts, their business and their historical engagements in politics.

Although Jane notes that there are other republicans who fronts for corporate takeover of US political systems, Koch’s are the major players who has maximize their financial capabilities, to design a network of Institutions, political committees and media organizations with the aim of influencing the democracy ((Tuttle 1). The Koch’s may be just smaller players that have publicly shown their support to politicians from archconservative families, but there could be other secret billionaires who have continued to influence US democracy. Their control over key institutions in the US has led them to influence how Americans vote.

The “Dark Money” as Mayer puts it portrays an ill-gotten wealth accumulated over the past years through tax evasion, and business malpractices which has resulted in environmental degradation and violations of labor laws. Mayer argues that the funds utilized by key corporate players as a “weaponized philanthropy” whereby corporations intends to control the local politics so that they can enjoy immunity from any potential prosecution(Tuttle 1).The interests of corporate players in politics could be to hide their source of their ill-gotten wealth and other ills they committed in the pasts. Mayer argues that in the case whereby corporations has total control of US politics, the can go a further length to influence local legislations (Ventriss 299). When this happens, they may tailor made all the federal laws depending on their needs. The corporate players are influencing the US political systems to support their friends and revenge against their adversaries (). In her book, Mayer was satirical on how the Koch brothers in particular were not satisfied with the wealth that they have currently. She cites that it is all about greed , the primary reason why the wealthy groups stills wants to gain more. In a democratic state like the US, the citizens must have a right to vote without being interfered by corporations who has ill motives.

Mayer stated that she doesn’t have any personal vendetta with the rich elite and corporate players who have continued to influence the US politics. However, she is against their actions that have threatened to completely sabotage the US democracy. She has studied history in the pasts and what she putdown in her book is absolute truth which reflects the current state of affairs in US politics (Tuttle 1). The book has suggested solution to avert the corporate takeover of the US political system. In her views it is important to enlighten the voters to know about the rights and political interference from the rich elite over the past’s years. Mayer also has highlighted the negative ramifications of corporate influence on democracy. In her views, if the same trend continues, corporations would end up controlling key government institutions. As a consequence, the minds of the Americans would be controlled and their voting decisions would be influenced by the views of corporations.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the US political system and democracy is under threat of being totally controlled by the corporations. Much as the rich and the poor have rights to engage in democratic activities, it is unlawful for corporations to control the mindset of the US citizens. The book enlightens the general public on current political affairs (Ventriss 302). However, the author has not suggested legal actions against corporations who engage in electoral malpractices such as using philanthropic funds to cover their malpractices and also to avoid paying taxes.

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