Customer Relationship Management In The Financial Industry Essay


Identify who the property is targeting, explain how the property utilizes CRM, what does the property hope to achieve with this and in your opinion, are their CRM tactics unique? Explain why you feel this way.


Customer relationship management is one of the most important tools that help in evaluating the desired of the concerned organization. Considering the case of teamwork and honeymoon of a world-class report i.e. Tabacon within Costa Rica. The property targeted the audiences such as the honeymoon couples as well as the tourists. The services provided by the staff and the employees were satisfactory and some of the services were extraordinary. It is evident to enhance the customer relationship management as it increases the customer base and brings out the desired profitability for the organization. Moreover, the support staff enhanced the service to that was delivered to the customers. The customer relationship management techniques were utilized from the property quite significantly. Starting from the beginning, there was the availability of the private dinner for the guest. The collaboration as well as the communication process was very good as they made it easier for the customers to have the desired unique experience. There was a reservation specialist who particularly received the reservations for the desired customers (King et al.). The housekeeping takes the gentle care of the people or the customers. The services from the waiter were satisfactory and it made the customers comfortable. Most important for the CRM is to use perfect communicational tools and the staff of the Hotel used the enhanced communication process with the respective customers. It was found that there were five of the important people and two important systems i.e. internal and the external system that helped in providing the smooth and the extraordinary experience to the customers. The delivery of the services and effective communication process evaluated the significant growth of the organization.

The primary aim of the property was to increase the customer satisfaction and to provide reliability of services to the desired customers as it will help in bringing out the positive results for the organization. Moreover, the larger number of the customers will increase the profitability of the organization. The most important fact resides that the people or the employees that were engaged in providing the hospitality services to the customers were taking care of customers quite significantly and this enhanced the customer’s experiences. The organization was trying to achieve the confidence and the support of the customers. The satisfaction of the customers is considered to be of great importance in order to achieve the desired goals of the concerned organization. The effective means of the communication played the most important role in providing the desired unique experience to the respective customers of the hotel concerned. One of the most important steps is the listening skills of the employees that are incorporated into the CRM techniques (Geneva). There are five of the most important steps which enhance the CRM process, they are the strategic planning, development of the program, creation of the test development, implementation and the evaluation with the desired optimization. In order to increase the profitability of any organization, the most important are to enhance the reliability and satisfaction level of the respective customers of the organization, as the customers will help in bringing out the desired positive results for the organization concerned. These tactics such as taking care of the comfort ability of the customers are important but the reservation services and the effective means of the communication process helped the organization significantly in achieving the desired goals of the business. Sharing and collaboration program with the cooperation were important to establish the desired and perfect relationship with the customers of the organization concerned. The effective conversation with the respective customers of the concerned organization helps in understanding the desired requirements of the customers from the organization. It becomes very important for any of the organization to know exactly what the customers wants from the organization, as it will help in providing the satisfactory services to the customers and this helps to evaluate the desired growth of the organization on a large scale. One of the other points was that the employees as well as the support staff at the hotel was very helpful and dedicated to their job in providing the reliable services to the different customers (Rajala). This feature particularly makes the organization that is the hotel different from that of the others. The feedback and the responses received from the different customers bring out the desired fact that the hotel has successfully implemented and executed the customer relationship management strategies as it helps in achieving the goals of the organization concerned.


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