Customer Organization Service And Satisfaction Essay


Discuss about the Customer Organization Service and Satisfaction.



Coffeeville is a reputed organization that distributes premium coffee and coffee related products to the retail and wholesale customers in Melbourne. Now, the company is aimed at establishing a new online website to the wholesale customers where they can order coffee and coffee related products online. The following report presents the appropriate Customer Service Plan for the online sector of this business.

Customer service needs

In online ordering, customers order 24/7 and they want that it should be available for every customer. So, there should be flexibility in the placing of orders that is convenient for every type of customers, when outside the business hours (Nguyen et al. 2014). The customers want a variety of options in online menu as it is convenient for them and so, an online menu is easy to handle and manage by the customers. While ordering online, customers want their order confirmation to be received in real time and there is no reason to call back the undecided customers on their orders. The online website of Coffeeville should eliminate the follow up calls and make online coffee ordering completely free to provide the customers to gather a he number of customers. Most importantly, delivering coffee and related items on time to the customers would help to engage the customers with excellent customer service that would automatically increase the sales volume (Xu, Munson and Zeng 2017). The timely delivery of the coffee and related products would help to provide effective customer services and meet the needs of the customers.

Customer service strategies

Customers expect good customer service needs in the digital realm. The website should be easy for the customers to find the resources, online menu, price and mode of payments. The contact information available on the website should be reachable to the customers. By linking the contact information to the social media pages would help to gather more customers in the online business (Peppers and Rogers 2016). There should also be a FAQ page where the customers can lodge their complaints and ask queries. A separate page for the tackling of issues like buying process, return policy and tracking would help to save precious time of the customers and of the business. An integrated live chat feature would also help to get fast responses and fill the gap for the concerns. It can be made available through a pop up that would help the website visitors to save time by looking into a single page. A customer care executive would help to address the complaints and concerns of the customers by providing them right information and getting engaged with the customers in a precise and positive manner through all the channels of customer service (Mohapatra 2013).

A research analyst is also required who would supervise into the working of the customer care executive and look into matter that the customers ‘concerns are being addressed properly. A customer relation team would help to deliver the appropriate information to the customers before they encounter problems (Tsimonis and Dimitriadis 2014). The expert customer service department would help to deliver the timely information to the customers would reduce the request numbers to the service teams that will improve the overall customer experiences. The follow up emails would enhance the constant customer engagement and with better experiences.

Methods on determining customer service levels

There are many methods that determine the customer service levels while delivering premium coffee and related products ordered online. As Coffeeville’s values and visions are customer focused with collaborative work, professionalism and teamwork, the customer experiences and services are of paramount importance to the company. So, it is important to measure the quality of customer service for high performance of the organization and support innovative thinking for online presence of the customers. One way to measure is to look into the number of sales. If the customers are happy, there would be increase in the purchase of the products. However, this not an accurate way as it depends on the season, recent market breakdown or economic climate. The follow-up emails, filling of feedback forms and by measuring the number of customer complaints would help to assess the quality of the customer services (Heath 2014). The customer feedback forms helps to measure the customers’ experiences and satisfaction about the delivery of coffee and related products through online.

Apart from direct methods of feedback from the customers, there are indirect methods that help to assess the customer satisfaction level. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like sales renewal rates, number of complaints regarding faulty goods or employees, average order-fulfillment times, number of customer contacts and tike taken from the order to delivery help to determine customer satisfaction levels (Zikmund et al. 2013). The star marking by the customers would also help to assess the service levels that are provided to the customers.


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