Flowers for Algernon Essay

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If perhaps you were given the opportunity to triple your intelligence through surgery could you? Into the tale “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, is mostly about a person known as Charlie Gordon who's a reduced I.Q. and it has to be able to triple it through surgery. He is a 37 yr old guy and it is keeping a diary to see if he can be used the surgery. In this guide two health practitioners give Charlie to be able to triple their intelligence through surgery.

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Charlie should not get the surgery because nobody likes him, every person have a pity party, and he in the course of time gets tired of being smart.

Charlie must not have experienced the surgery because no one likes him when he’s so smart. As he is smart nobody can comprehend him. “Everybody seems frightened of me personally.” (232) At this time Charlie has received the surgery and he is so smart many people are afraid of him. If he didn’t have this surgery every person wouldn’t be frightened by Charlie. Because of this surgery Charlie lost his task. “They have actually driven me from the factory.” (235) Here Charlie’s workers don’t wish him at the factory any longer. Ever since he previously the surgery bad things have actually occurred. No one wishes such a thing related to Charlie. “People don’t communicate with me or kid around like they utilized to.” (232) Charlie has become discovering that no body likes him when he’s smart just because they can’t realize him. Minus the surgery however still have friends.

Since Charlie got the surgery it caused him to lose most of the memory gained from the surgery. Due to the reason, he must not have had the surgery. Charlie has work within factory and “Everyone feels sorry for me at the factory.” (245) Without the surgery Charlie wouldn't normally have lost their memory causing everybody else to feel sorry. Charlie is finding that no one likes him and every person seems bad. Charlie had a grown-up instructor Ms. Kinnian, since he lost their memory he went here and “She ran out of the room crying.” (243) This estimate additionally shows everyones sorrow towards Charlie. In this quote Charlie lost his memory and returned to his old class. Charlie shouldn’t have had the surgery because everyone feels sorry for him in which he destroyed all his buddies. With no surgery, he'd never have lost their memory and friends.

The final reason why he must not have experienced the surgery, because he fundamentally sick of being smart. He had a job he liked and since he'd the surgery he doesn’t wish to be smart, so he quit his task. “I’ve quit my work at Domangans vinyl Box business.” (234) This is showing Charlie becoming depressed. Minus the procedure Charlie would nevertheless be residing cheerfully and would never have quit his job. Charlie had the surgery because he wished to be smarter, however now he feels in a different way. “I don’t wish to be smart anymore” (243) as he had the surgery he previously overcome their low I.Q., but he ultimately became too smart no one comprehended him. They thought he had been odd, so no body talked to him. He became tired of being smart and wished to never be smart. If he didn’t have the surgery he would have never wanted to not be smart.

Charlie should not experienced the surgery, because he gets sick of being smart, no body cares for him, and everyone else feels bad about him. One of the keys points why he shouldn't have had the surgery are, he destroyed his memory from surgery, he quit his only task within field company, plus nobody also understands him, he’s so smart. To summarize, these reasons clearly reveal why Charlie must not have experienced the surgery.

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