Nowadays, students not merely research but in addition learn other things through extracurricular tasks. Extracurricular activities are the ones that are not directly regarding the typical reason for school education which will be to teach students academically by itself it shows students variety of items that later on becomes their hobbies or interest like learning activities, cooking and an such like. Extracurricular activities is thought to have numerous good effects on a student’s life whether it is academically or socially.

Joining this activities make a student seem well rounded in knowing number of things and responsible in handling their time sensibly.

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Also, it bring students more nearer to one another because these activities open their social lives which afterwards form bonds based on typical interest. These additionally act as some slack of pupils from their lessons for just what they study from these activities is of these very own interest. It is said that people pupils who joins in extracurricular tasks perform better in school compared to those that perhaps not. The researcher decided on this topic for she actually is interested in wanting to know the results of extracurricular tasks toward academic performance of the kids who are part of the woman research study.

Declaration regarding the Problem

The primary objective of this study is always to understand the aftereffects of extracurricular activities on educational performance of 2nd 12 months high school students of Village class of Parkwoods. This study aims to respond to the following concerns: 1. Exactly what are the ramifications of extracurricular activities towards the pupil who participates in it?

2. Is the academic performance of these pupils who joins extracurricular tasks a lot better than those who find themselves maybe not?


The researcher believes that the effects of extracurricular tasks to a student who's section of its that it makes him/her accountable sufficient to control both school work and his/her tasks and she believes your educational performance of the students whom joins extracurricular tasks is better than those people who are no

Scope and Delimitation

This study focuses on collecting information to any or all 2nd year students of Village class of Parkwoods in scholastic year 2012-2013.

Need for learn

1. The effect or findings of this study will know the advantages of extracurricular activities.

2. The research was built to figure out if there was clearly a big change in grade point average between pupils associated with extracurricular activities and pupils maybe not tangled up in extracurricular activities.

Chapter 2

This chapter gift suggestions the associated literature and studies your researcher surely could read in various libraries, books, mags, articles, newsprint and studies.

Local Literature

Extra-curricular activities are those that are not associated with the school’s educational system but are essential the holistic development of a student. These tasks enable students not only to train and nurture the skills they actually have, and to unearth undiscovered talents and stir up brand new passions.1 Extracurricular tasks that include music, the arts, and recreations brings bashful young ones from their shells. It will help children learn brand new skills, are more accountable, learn the significance of overall health, form new friendships and to develop a child’s confidence.2


Foreign Literature

Many extracurricular tasks have proven to be useful in building and strengthening scholastic success, whether or not the activities are not demonstrably linked to educational topics (Marsh & Kleitman, 2002, para. 9). “A wide range of studies revealed that pupils participating in extracurricular activities did better academically than students whom failed to participate” (Marsh & Kleitman, 2002, para. 7). Scientists have specially studied the relationship between extracurricular tasks and educational performance in adolescents. One research discovered that “adolescents whom took part in extracurricular activities reported higher grades, more positive attitudes toward college.” (Darling, Caldwell, & Smith, 2005, para. 1)

Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework shows the scientists determine very first the effects participating extracurricular tasks to your academic performance regarding the 2nd 12 months kids in Village class Of Parkwoods SY 2011-2012.

Paradigm of the study
High grades
Students whom take part in extracurricular activities

Minimal grades

Students who perhaps not take part in extracurricular tasks

Figure 1 demonstrates that students who take part in extracurricular activities have actually high educational performance while students who do not be involved in extracurricular tasks have low academic performance.

Concept of terms

1. Extracurricular activity- Extracurricular activities are those that are not directly regarding the typical reason for school training which is to teach students academically by itself it teaches students variety of items that afterwards becomes their hobbies or interest. 2. Impacts- refer to a thing that is created by the consequence of actions. 3. Academic Efficiency- describes the performance of pupils academically.

Chapter 3

This chapter presents the study design and procedures to be utilized inside study. It will discuss the research design, the instrument, sampling design of population and respondents.

Research Design

The Descriptive survey had been utilized in this research. Descriptive study describes with emphasis current dilemmas or conditions as a reply to your declaration regarding the problem, participating extracurricular activities may have impacts in the scholastic performance of this chosen Village School of Parkwoods’ pupils.

Development of Instrument

The researcher will ask authorization from teachers, advisers of college allowing the pupils to respond to the questionnaires. The answering of the questionnaires will likely be done into the classroom. The researcher’s questionnaire is a survey which consists of the standard profile of this respondents. Furthermore are related questions regarding the study subject, including their academic averages.

Validation of Instrument

Self-made questionnaire consist of questions which is accustomed gauge the research practices of students who take part and doesn’t participate in extracurricular tasks. The researcher will conduct some meeting and studies to show the certain topic. The researcher gets some participants to obtain some information which can be great basis for the research. These questionnaires were used to determine the effects participating extracurricular tasks towards the academic performance for the 2nd year students in Village School Of Parkwoods SY 2011-2012.

Sampling Design and Population

The 25 2nd 12 months highschool students who're enrolled throughout the school 12 months 2012-2013 at Village class of Parkwoods that will be made up of the sum total populace will be the test size associated with research.

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