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I have rarely considered the so-called unforgettable experiences in life. Since there are a great number of items that should be done now as well as in the foreseeable future, to me, it's quite hard to come up with this topic and it took me lots of time recalling what have occurred in my own life, exactly what the memorable experiences were and what probably the most memorable one had been. Finally, we knew that an unforgettable experience is not just an important occasion like getting a university level, travelling abroad or having a great task.

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It may also be small events in life for instance the very first time planning to college, the first time riding bicycle or something like that that way. If you ask me, many memorable experience that I have was enough time I invested with my dad inside my youth. I have two elder brothers, one elder cousin and another more youthful sis. My more youthful cousin is only a couple of years old younger than me and evidently, we spent usually playing together throughout our childhood. My dad often took united states on park by the river every weekend. There we played tig, hide-and-seek, merry-go-round; shared one little bit of baked banana, etc. These were simply small things, but these tiny things made us remember each one of these moments forever. We felt pleased each and every moment we distributed to our dad.

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My father passed away in the Buddhist holiday (the 15th associated with 7th thirty days regarding the lunar calendar) this past year due to illness situation within old age. We told both never to cry so he could leave this globe peacefully. Finally, i really could not stand it and left my brother’s home in which my father was lying for a tiny park near the house. The merry-go-round there reminded me personally of the many good things he had dedicated to us. I possibly could maybe not stop crying then. When my small child asks me personally to create the lady on park or do her some favor, we sometimes scold the lady because i will be exhausted after being swamped with the daily jobs and tasks. Considering my dad, I frequently say sorry to the lady after that and think if I can perform just 50 % of the things my dad did for me, i will be already an excellent mom. What is important i could study on my dad is always to love my children, and also to show the love to the beloved people by easy actions in lifestyle. So, my friends, if you love some body, simply state you love them and decide to try your very best to create nutrients towards beloved people whenever you can. Their delight is your happiness!

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