Cures healthcare network Essay

There is a saying that “Wellbeing is Wealth”. This expression is used to define the focal hugeness of prosperity over cash and fabric things ;this is we need to be mentally, bodily, socially specific to probably paintings correctly you acquire wealth. Furthermore, money cannot buy prosperity and fulfillment.

Since movement and innovative modifications began to occur, the value of social protection framework appreciably are developing reliably because of three important motives which are : Increase in population , General Advancemet and Increment in expenses.

Having inspected the problem absolutely, the team at the back of CURES concept of this imaginative arrangement to perform a decentralized restorative administrations framework.


The treatment plans social insurance platform was created to give fundamental and vast human services administrations to everyone needing it. They have a reducing part hardware to enhance medicinal services benefits in this way bringing success and enhancing the wellbeing of each person. I remember as a developing kid my folks categorically advised me that wellbeing is riches, they frequently country that this idiom is as old as guy. At every time whether or not we paintings difficult or smooth, we have to always remember of our fitness and give it a excessive priority.

Cures platform intends to kill contemporary extortionate price human offerings workplaces charge to provide therapeutic administrations to the humans, in maximum excellent international locations medicinal offerings suppliers expenses are unreasonably excessive for humans. Cures is coordinated with the blockchain innovation to interact sufferers, make accessible uncommon property, and supply fine social insurance.

Cures human offerings hobby is centered on six (6) noteworthy topics to be specific: HAPP save, electronic social coverage records, well-being affirmation, industrial middle and believe audit platform, replacing stage, and altruistic believe guide.


1. Happ Store: This gives packages to improve visual belief, imaginative and prescient, private pride in their sufferers even as programming designers with first-rate social insurance packages can get them recorded within the Happ shop. Happ keep may be a one-forestall search for the whole lot medicinal services, the software is straightforward to apply and simple to discover.

2. Electronic wellbeing statistics: This offers patient's openness to their restorative information without a hiccups, patients can likewise manage and pass their information at their watchfulness. The present trouble of lacking information and deferral in getting their measurements will all be a relic of days long past with the aid of.

3. Wellbeing affirmation: The propelled destiny assentions grants for both specific understandings and conventional understandings. Medicinal Service Providers (MSP) are advocated to present these understandings to a lower, as a byproduct of installment, thusly, developing strengthening well worth, allowing both patient and MSP the possibility to purchase and pitch those assentions so one can boost their alarm property.

Four. Commercial middle and trust survey platform : The business center and believe audit level will assure that patients never once more want to hassle themselves with the problem of who or where to get social coverage checkups, they are able to peruse for restorative specialists from the solace of their houses.

5. Exchanging platform : The treatment options exchanging platform will smash over the pinnacle fees and faux practices of pass-betweens via giving a excellent in class deals channels

or patients, facilities, emergency clinics, drug stores, and traders to get medicinal substances they want from Medical Equipment Suppliers straightforwardly.

6. Magnanimous believe guide: Distinct admissible unit, upheld with 5% of the absolute token supply and predicted gifts by way of token customers. To be applied as a speculation machine for considerate enhancements imagined at developing international human offerings in discouraged locale, venture amassing straightforwardly against a number of plainly unmistakable gauges.


CRS is the abbreviation of CURES TOKEN, #crs is an software token that is erc-20 compliant.

This will function a widespread methods of management to be able to be rendered, for you to additionally function a propellant which moves the platform. This may also make certain that there's assure for exchange safety and safety. The platform has already setup a manner to estimate the token value and there can be no more further token creation of mining.

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