Cultural Safety Of The Nurses Practices Essay


Discuss about the Cultural Safety of The Nurses Practices.


Self-confidence as the culture

Self-confidence or self-esteem will be related to the cultural safety of the nurses practices. It will provide the nurses with cultural sensitivity. It will also prevent the negative perceptions and will enable them to engage in experienced service

Reflective practice by using Gibbs reflective model

This model will thus support the nurses to work with self confidence in the surrounding environment. This will be critical to develop the cultural practice of the self confidence among the nurses.


Self-confidence as a culture will shape the area of the nursing profession among the nurses. It will allow the nurses to place them superior in their tasks, perceive the world in a very dutiful manner. The nurses should have the trust on their own abilities and qualities and perform any task easily. The quality of self identity will enable to perform their duties in culturally competent manner. The personal culture of self confidence will help in their professional practice.


Since the identity acts as the cultural recognition, there should not be any negative recognition of the self identity aspect. The self confidence means a lot to the nurses. This is because it will give a feeling of personal satisfaction and will also help the patients by providing them with best quality services. The services are to be provided irrespective of the individual gender, occupation, socio economic status, ethnic backgrounds, migration.


Evaluation of self confidence showed that this code of professions practiced by the nurses is very helpful. The nurses must use this self identity in their practice because it will help them to manage any critical situation regarding the differences in cultures. The nurses must be trained and evaluated to see that their self confidence is present. In order to achieve self confidence the nurses must set their goals and be motivated. Self confidence in any work will help to fulfill the principles of the cultural safety in broad spectrum.


The nursing and midwifery council code of professional conduct states that self confidence will n be useful to give the best quality services to the patient in any condition. This is also essential in promotion of the learning among the nurses. This will help to recognize the differences and equally accept the diversity in human behavior and social structure.


Self confidence as an aspect of self identity will be helpful for the nurses to respect all the behavior of the different people. This will help to resolve effective and equitable service.

Action plan

Cultural safety learning will include the outcome of the self confidence in the nursing practice. They must ensure and demonstrate the flexibility in the relationship with people who are different from themselves. Self confidence and self esteem will also provide positivity in the cultural competence in health care.

As a wavetool

As a wavetool, I will stand in the position to be competent enough to give high quality health care to all the culturally different people in unique ways. With self esteem and confidence I might induce the same to other people. This will be a way of showing respect to all the people with different cultural backgrounds. This has helped to change a lot from the previous situation. Cultural identity also is a part of personal identity. Thus modification of the personal qualities will help them to pay respect to other people beliefs (Potter et al, 2016). The new information that I can seek is to know all the cultural description of the patient that will be treated. This could be done by communicating them if possible. At first, there could be a challenge while dealing with differences in values of other people. The personal self esteem can influence them and make them understand a treatment procedure. Sometimes the treatment procedures can harm other people thought and that can be removed by self identity. In this part the reading from the Cultural safety in Aotearoa that has helped me to understand the concepts of cultural safety (Banks, & Kelly, 2015).


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