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The purpose of this essay is to highlight on the facts that evolve in the people management issues. In this context, I would likely evaluate on the people management skills of mine. I have undergone many issues while I have been trying to mitigate them. It is very problematic to solve the issues that arise in maintaining the employees in the organizations. The HR strategies have to be strong and firm indeed. This will bring good solutions to the problem. I have faced many issues like the communication issues among the employees and the different barriers that include while dealing with the various people. These issues have become very much relevant in the modern organizations. There are different people who belong to different cultural backgrounds and they needed to be treated according to their desires and expectations.

The organizations should always offer some benefits to the employees that they deserve. I think the corporate world is changing very fast and new ways of communication are always on the horizon. The employees and the managers have to be updated regarding all the things. The managers have to be very open minded and sensitive to all the things that happen within the organization. I would like to state that I have worked as the manager of my company and I have seen some serious issues in the people management. The company must evolve and develop new ways of communication. The global economy must be kept in the focus as always. I have seen that the impact of global economy has caused some huge changes in the HR strategies of the organization. I have come across some difficulties in the organization as I was unable to manage the resignation of the employees. I could not retain them because the company had been affected by the fiscal policies of the government. I tried to bring some solutions by increasing the salaries of the employees.

Issues in the people management

There have been some effective issues that I have been facing in terms of working for my company. I have seen the employees talking loudly with each other over many issues. This will be very much problematic in keeping the reputation of the organization. Previously I did not have that much experience regarding those issues. I was convinced that I could very easily sort out those issues. The change is an inevitable issue in this regard. This is why I wanted to sort out those issues very positively. I called for the meetings with the employees. I wanted to know what problems they faced. I could not understand how I could identify those properly and solve them effectively. This is why I had to ask them one by one and the reasons for their intolerance.

I had found that one of the many reasons for intolerance is cross cultural background. They have not been that much interactive with each other. They belong to different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and their viewpoints about certain problems are very different as well. In these circumstances I had thought of conducting a survey on each of the employees. This would help me to find out the likes and dislikes of the employees. This would also let me know that the employees have a grudge on each other or their opinions do not match most of the times. This is why I would like to convey my opinion to them. I would scrutinize all day to day operations. Thus I would be able to know the changes and improvements that have come so far. The organizational dynamics is a big part of this change. These issues must be sorted out in order to get back to the best working atmosphere.

I had also found that the organization is gliding backwards in terms of communication with the customers. They have not being able to communicate with the customers properly. Thus, the customers were not able to be updated about their services and products. This is why their profit range began to decrease. I felt some changes were necessary in the organizational process. I had thought of some of the procedures by which I could mitigate the issues. The employment relations were hampered as a part of the wrong business decisions by the higher authorities. Thus I was able to take the decision that I had to establish a good relation between the employees and the employers. Other than that I also felt that some major changes were needed to be inserted into the organization as well. I took some steps in order to make the organization work like before.

Ways to resolve the issues

I was very much of the opinion that these issues were have to be resolved. These issues made the organizational proficiency weaker. So I began to implement my plans in order to get back to the earlier position.

I talked with all the employees and urged them to be tolerant. This would be very effective to build a good relationship between the employees. I took sessions on all the employees and urged them to behave politely with each other, despite the cultural differences.

I focused on a better leadership. It is because good leadership skills would enhance the motivation levels of the employees. I had always motivated the employees to work properly by forgetting their differences. The employees were informed that the management is taking some strict steps to eliminate the arisen issues. Otherwise these issues would continue to be a main factor in the productivity of the company.

I had felt the organization must follow some proper directions by which they can achieve their desired outcomes. I was able to convince the employees that resigning from their current ranks would not resolve their problems regarding the cross cultural issues. They had to understand these things positively. Thus the personality conflicts could be solved very effectively. The management could use the social media to communicate with the employees as well. These are the ways the people within the organization could be managed.


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