Cultural Behavior Of The Different People Essay


Analyze the cultural behavior of the different people in the world?


In this report, we analyze the cultural behavior of the different people in the world:

1) Asian Culture:

The cultural behaviors noticed are women they do not shake hands with the opposite or same gender, a greeting that is traditional is by joining the hands above the chest with bending a little forward, it is in appropriate to touch strangers, it is thought to get rid of evil when one touches someone’s head 2.

2) Black Americans:

The black Americans while talking they look at someone while listening they look away. When there is an eye contact for a considerable amount of time, then it is called staring . The distance between the two bodies is close when they are both blacks and moves away when talking with whites.

3) Latinos:

They touch while they are speaking; in an introductory meeting they shake hands, kisses on the cheek. A continuous staring of the eyes is considered disrespectful. Elder people are respected.

4) Australians:

The Australian they place high value to relationships. They are not very formal generally in their meetings. They like to call people by their initial names 1 . They exchange gifts among the family members and neighbors during Christmas or birthdays.

5) South Africans:

There is a variety of greeting style in the country that depends on the ethnicity. A dealing with a foreigner is done by maintaining eye contact and a smile in the face. The women prefer to nod their heads and do not like shaking hands. When a man knows a woman well, then he can kiss the women on the cheek.


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