CUC107-How Cultural Influence Makes A Good Human Being Essay


Write a paragraph or two to reflect on the question: How has culture been important in making you the person you are today?


As far as my personal opinion regarding what entails culture is concerned, I would like to say that is the very essence which becomes the dominant determinant factor of what one is and how one could be defined. Culture is way broader than just customs, languages, food habits and dressing styles. It involves even the value perceptions that one nurtures about the world and life in general, and that is an essential ingredient in building up the character of a human being. In this piece of reflective writing, I shall be highlighting two aspects of culture which have had a deep impact on me.

Born and brought up in Australian society, two key aspects of culture have had a deep impact. The primary influence has been inherited from my family; the culture of attachment to the community as if they are members of the family. The sentiment of having a strong sense of ethnic identity runs deep throughout the country. Australia being a multi-ethnic country, this is quite natural since every community desires to preserve their uniqueness and safeguard oneself against any homogenization or cultural appropriation. The positive aspect of this feature is that it enhances the essence of the country. The second cultural influence is national in its orientation, it is the culture of tolerance and harmony. To us Australians, we consider it as a necessity to have respect for the others as much we would expect ourselves to be respected. Otherwise it is considered as undesirable and not befitting the basic criteria of being an Australian. These two cultural influences have enabled me to be a good human being and at the same time a self-conscious person.

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