CUC107-Analysis Of Cultural Self Essay


Construct a mind-map as a visual representation to show your understanding and analysis of your cultural self. You are asked to show how your experience, knowledge and behaviour have all contributed to each of four elements that make up your culture.


Construction of Mind Map


The cultural identities and wellbeing will help to develop the individual’s awareness about the culture. There is a small difference between self-awareness and cultural difference thus the concept, based on the cultural difference the self-awareness program should have to be designed by the individuals. It is not easy to become a culturally self-aware person because of the unconscious underlying different cultural aspects. Mainly based on knowledge, experience and behavior of every individual the cultural self-awareness program should be designed. Proper knowledge sources are to be taken to gather experience and in order to become a well behaved person these two factors are very important to be considered by the individuals. Mind map is referred to as a graphical representation that helps to ideate the details of the ideas and concepts. This acts as a visual thinking tool that helps to structure all the information regarding the self-cultural awareness in a well manner. If the cultural awareness program is represented graphically then it will roved a better analysis ability with comprehend synthesis. The above mind map represents the detailed factors associated to cultural self-awareness.


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