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    The crusades ended up being the churches reaction to the Muslim expansion, which had spread along North Africa or over towards eastern and western fringes of theMediterranean globe. The Crusades began in 1096 and finished in 1291 (some 200 years) with 8 major crusades and some small people. Pop Urban II initiated these with the main intention of protecting Christianity and recapturing Religious Holy websites in Jerusalem from control of this Muslim “infidels”. However, there were mixed motives

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    popular benefit of the initial Crusades. European countries's populace had been growing, its metropolitan life ended up being beginning to restore, and both long-distance and local trade were slowly increasing. European peoples and financial resources could now support new enterprises regarding scale regarding the Crusades. An evergrowing population created more wide range consequently designed a better interest in goods from elsewhere. Thus worldly interests coincided with religious emotions in regards to the Holy Land so the crusades began.Pope Urban II, in a

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    The CrusadesThough what causes the crusades can very quickly be distinguished usually the one cause can't be effortlessly because there is always a thing that will contradict it. The crusades occurred because of the rivalry plus the clash of countries between the Catholic Church and Muslims, they both desired power, the crusaders wanted more land, and much more wealth and both events wished to be nearer to the Armageddon. It could easily be determined there was a rivalry between your Catholics

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    Contrary to numerous commonly held notions in regards to the very first crusade, in their guide, the initial Crusade as well as the notion of Crusading, Jonathan Riley-Smith sets away to describe the way the idea of crusading thought evolved in the first crusade. In their book, Riley-Smith sets out five main arguments showing exactly how these tips of crusading developed. Firstly, he contends that Pope Urban’s initial message ended up being old-fashioned, secondly that a far more positive effect was drawn from laity (due to the some ideas surrounding Jerusalem)

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    His moving campaign and the vow of a tremendous reward ended up being inspirational to your numerous ready individuals. One must really recognize that the leaders of the crusades connected nearly every accomplishment towards the works of God, and felt a large moral responsibility to take back just what as soon as belonged to Him. The extent of this crusades shows the deep devotion that most of Western Europe had towards Christianity while the need to rid the entire world of unnecessary evils.During the center Ages, heresy was

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    «The Crusades: number of wars by european Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims.» (Encarta «Crusades») The Crusades first started in 1096 and ended inside late 13th century. The term Crusade originally meant your European's would utilize each of their efforts to regain the ability through the Muslims. They desired to retake the city of Jerusalem, that was holy to Christians because that's where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place. Europeans later used it to allocate any military

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    The Crusades had been Christian soldiers who fought the glory of God to guard their faith. The Crusades thought it was appropriate to murder in war as long as it absolutely was for Jesus Christ. In 753 A.C., Pope Stephen II informs the ruler associated with Franks Pepin Carolingian that “St. Peter would remit the sins associated with the men who visits war for their church” (Lords and women). “The priests cannot fight in wars with tools but and then help commemorate mass and pray for Christian victories or to carry

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    Role for the Papacy into the 4th CrusadeThe 4th Crusade was one of the most astonishing turn of occasions during the Middle Ages. Each Crusade had been called for one purpose, to reconquer the Holy Land through the Muslims. With that in mind, the 4th Crusade ended up being tragedy, not merely failing continually to get anywhere close to Jerusalem but to attack and overcome two Christian towns and cities, which have been unprecedented for this time. When speaking about these points ever sold, it's important to talk about just how such activities found

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    The Crusades“The Crusades: group of wars by eu Christians to recapture the Holy Land through the Muslims.” (Encarta “Crusades”) The Crusades first began in 1096 and finished inside late 13th century. The definition of Crusade initially designed that the European’s would make use of each of their efforts to regain the power from Muslims. They desired to retake the city of Jerusalem, that was holy to Christians because that’s where in actuality the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place. Europeans later used it to allocate

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    the Church at Clermont inside French Auvergne saying «Whoever for devotion alone, not to gain honour or money, goes to jerusalem to liberate the Church of God can substitute the journey for many penance» (Tyerman 27). Since the Pope declared a primary crusade from the Muslims, he used forgiveness from sins as a false motivation for knights to join in their battle. In his letter of instruction, Urban says that «a barbaric fury has deplorably afflicted an laid waste the churches of God into the regions

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    In the season of 1095, Pope Urban II began that which we know while the Holy Wars or the Crusades. Throughout the period from 1095-1464, some army expeditions were battled to take back the Holy Land, Jerusalem, from Seljuk Turks. There were eight crusades, that have been spurred for most different reasons by many different people who left a lasting effect on world. These years of bloodshed were led by males of capacity to gain control of the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was vitally important

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    violence and bloodshed. The duality of faith is accurately portrayed inside Christian crusades. The crusades associated with late antiquity exemplified this duality of religion therefore the horror religion can bring. Thousands upon thousands fought and died, maybe not for king or country, but under God. The kingdoms of Christendom united underneath the common goal of retaking the holy land and driving the Muslims from Jerusalem. The crusades were certainly not a tiny affair; it was initially because the collapse regarding the Western

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    enterprise, legitimized by their individual mandate” (1). This essay examines the back ground associated with crusades to provide a much better understanding as to the reasons they took place. It also examines the consequences your crusades had regarding the world. It is easy to glance at the crusades as a violent meaningless act, but one must comprehend the kind of establishing this movement occurred during. This is an occasion whenever if you participated into the crusades, you had been regarded as a warrior of god, recruited by the pope. Any guy whom fought into the title

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    World History Essay:CrusadesPope Urban II proclaimed 1st Crusade to end violence in the Church and assure energy inside Holy Lands. When Islam became effective, Muslims invaded these lands and took over the Byzantine Empire. They savagely oppressed, enslaved, deported, as well as murdered the Christians located in those lands. Responding, the Roman Catholic Church and “Christian” kings/emperors from European countries ordered the Crusades to reclaim and protect their lands. Urban had called on knights and

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    The First CrusadeIn The middle of the Eleventh Century The tranquillity associated with eastern Mediterranean seemed guaranteed for quite some time ahead, but little did the individuals know what ended up being ahead. This, hence embark united states on a journey back into the First Crusade. Within paper i am talking about the activities that lead around the initial in a lengthy distinct crusades. I will be mentioning the lives of a number of the crusaders through letters which they penned. The crusades were a time of confusion for most of us

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    of The Crusades. What importance do they nevertheless have for Christianity today? Exactly what should contemporary Christians learn from them?In this essay, this author can give a brief account of The Crusades, demonstrate the significance they still have for Christianity today and exactly what classes contemporary Christians should study on them.The Crusades had been a series of Holy Wars established between 1095 and 1291 by the Christian states of European countries against the Saracens who had been Moslems. The name Crusade comes from

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    Why did Urban II call for a crusade in 1095?In order to establish good reasons for Urban’s demand a crusade in 1095, we must glance at many accounts of that time period, to see what was happening inside remaining Christian world which influenced both what so when he stated what he did to introduce the first crusade. At that time, religion played a major role in almost everyone’s daily everyday lives, plus the belief system of this afterlife had been extremely strong. It absolutely was true that every Christian had a really vivid

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    Introduction:The Crusades were forceful battles acclimated by the Latin Roman Catholic Abbey throughout the Top old until the end associated with the Backward Middle Ages. In 1095 Pope Urban II announced the native campaign, aided by the proclaimed aspiration of subsiding Christian confirmation on celestial places in and alongside Jerusalem. Proliferating pupils of history plus some of those unpredictable at the time, in the same way as Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, accord agreeing precedence

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    If you ask some one should they have you ever heard of this Crusades the solution will in all probability be yes. Does that mean which they understand what the Crusades are? No. Many Jewish people who don’t know much concerning the Crusades assume it was simply targeted against the Jews plus it triggered the loss of countless Jews. Other than that they truly are oblivious to your real facts. Just what exactly had been the Crusades? The Crusades had been great armed forces missions embarked on by the Christian countries of European countries for the true purpose of rescuing the

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    The tale of CrusadesThe tale of Crusades is a guide that was written in 1963 by Alfred Duggan. The book’s name informs you exactly what the guide is about, the Crusades. The guide follows the Western Christian’s perspective on the 200 year event, from 1095 to 1291. It starts out starting the plot (which most good publications do), then sets up the plot, and keeps on starting the plot. The book is extremely slow at the beginning, then slowly begins to go however fast enough. Basically had been rating this

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    The Crusades of tall Middle AgesThe Crusades associated with the High dark ages (a.d. 1050-1300) was a period of conquest or rather, reconquest, of Christian lands extracted from Muslims in very early old. It really is an era romanticized by fervent Christians while the time when Christianity secured its honorable status since the true faith of the world. The affect regarding the Crusades is still around today. It sailed from Spain and Portugal on Americas within the fifthteenth century aboard cruising vessels

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    The Crusades a significant turning point in Medieval history had been the Crusades. The Crusades had been a number of wars battled involving the Christian Europeans additionally the Muslim Turks, which took place between the years of 1096 to 1272. Inside Holy War the Christians goal was to receive the Holy Land from Turks, by which they couldn't be successful. Even though the Christians didn't meet their goal, numerous positives did emerge from their attempt. Because of the reason why they didn't fulfill their goal, yet numerous positives

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    The First Crusade whilst the 12 months 1000A.D. had been approaching the potency of Christianity inWestern European countries was growing and its population. The newly reformed andorganized Church started to gain great power. A fresh European countries was being born withthe Catholic Church as a force in most section of life. In Christian values, the savior, Jesus Christ was to go back to earthand bring judgment on its individuals. Numerous clergy members and lay peoplebelieved this would happen in the year 1000A.D.

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    within medieval times. Particularly, power battles developed involving the Roman church and different teams such as non-believers, Muslims, kings, and even typical individuals all through the entire tall dark ages. Because of this, Christian fighters, referred to as “crusades,” had been expected to fight because of their beliefs by the pope to get back land that non-believers lived on including expel anyone who challenged the authority regarding the church hierarchy. It had been easy to persuade most people to be crusaders

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    Crusades had been a series of campaigns of military-religious lead by European Catholics. The key goal of European Catholics was to increase Christian influence in Palestine, also called the Holy Land, from 11th to the 14th hundreds of years. Crusades were called armed forces simply because they were had tools and formed armies, and religious because religion ended up being the main aspect in whatever they had been fighting for. Religion had been the primary factor because spiritual authorities played a key role in starting the Crusades

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    Were the Crusades Successful? Through the entire entirety for the Crusades, there have been a multitude of goals that all combatant from the Christian, Muslim, and Judaism had been trying to attain. There is certainly a lurking question, and that is: were the Crusades profitable for anyone? Some historians will lecture your Crusades were an overall success, some genuinely believe that they were only partially effective in conveying they’re overall message. Then there’s the historians that may lecture your Crusades had been a

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    The Crusades lasted much longer than most people are mindful. Common knowledge of the Crusades states it was one long war between Christians and Muslims, whenever in fact; there have been several Crusades, between Christians, and all sorts of non-Christians. Initial Crusade was the only successful Crusade, and ended up being widely praised in Christian Europe. Following the fall of Edessa in 1144, an additional Crusade ended up being waged unsuccessfully. Dawn Hayes, a professor at Montclair State University, defines the Crusades as a

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    based on the creation of a Council into the Papacy, a notion never to the Pope's liking. The fight caused the Great Schism in 1054 in which then the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church split. The split then would become an essential cause of the Crusades. The belated eleventh century brought the Byzantine Empire new increasing threats from various edges. Many prominent of had been the Seljuk Turks that has begun to advance towards the heartland for the Byzantine Empire. Quickly the Turks stood

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    Christian Crusades — different points of view Christian crusades happened between the years 1095 and 1500. Based on the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, crusades had been army expeditions, beginning in the late 11th century, that were organized by Western Christians responding to hundreds of years of Muslim wars of expansion. Their primary goals had been to check on the spread of Islam, retake control of the Holy Land, and to recapture previously Christian territories. The objectives of crusades were usually

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    Crusades additionally the ChurchAt the time for the Crusades, the official church had become corrupt and politically determined. It should be noted, too, that crusaders failed to simply take vows to „go on crusade.“ Ab muscles term crusade, in English or in almost any other language, is a much later invention. That which we call „crusades,“ contemporaries knew as „pilgrimages“ as well as merely „journeys.“ In addition to a small elite, everyone was illiterate and also if they could read, there is no use of a Bible or any scriptural

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    The beginning for the Crusades is rooted in governmental upheaval. The mid seventh century to the mid tenth century CE saw a gradual expansion of Islam (Riley-Smith 1). Half the Christian globe had been conquered by Arab armies. This included nations by which Christianity was in fact founded for hundreds of years, like Egypt, southern France, southern Italy, Sicily, Spain, Syria, and Turkey (Riley-Smith 2). By the belated tenth century, European countries additionally the Middle East were divided into Christian and Muslim hemispheres

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    Were the crusades worthwhile?The crusades had been several army promotions fought from 1095 to 1291, there have been nine crusades in total. These battles were battled between the individuals of the Christian and the Muslim religions. The total purpose of the crusades would be to gain control and power of Jerusalem; the Holy Land. The crusades (the Holy wars) had been indirectly one of the most key elements within the reputation for the modernisation of European civilisation .The crusades had a lasting impact on

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    Why did people go on crusades?In 1095, Pope Urban II needed a military to go to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. This is that which was later referred to as ‘First Crusade’. A crusade is a religious war or a war mainly motivated by faith. Initial crusade contained 10’s of thousands of European Christians on a medieval military expedition to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. This doesn’t imply that the first crusade ended up being simply inspired by religion. Throughout this essay, i'll be suggesting the

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    Madden’s Crusades is an exposition associated with crusades, which occurred throughout the old. The Crusades had been a number of army conflicts of a religious character. They remain an essential motion in history, and therefore are hard to understand, as they consist of a few themes and they lasted for some time (about 2 hundred years, as well as the writer covers a time period of about eight centuries in his chronological work). Religion is, needless to say, probably the most recurrent theme we look at the Crusades, but

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    638, Christians remained permitted to happen to be the land as Muslims were rather tolerant of the site visitors. However, by the eleventh century, things took a turn for the even worse and Christians attempted to recapture their Holy Land. Consequently, the initial Crusade took course to take back that which was theirs. In 1095, Pope Urban II received a letter from Byzantine Emperor, Alexius I Comnenus, seeking help against the Seljuk Turks who'd seized land in Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine. Even before

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    The Crusades were very prominent events in eu history; these were maybe not discrete and unimportant pilgrimages, but a consistent stream of marching Western armies (Crusaders) in to the Muslim globe, terminating into the creation and finally the fall of the Islamic Kingdoms. The Crusades had been a Holy War of Roman Christianity against Islam, but was it surely a “holy war” or ended up being it Western European countries fighting to get more land and power? Through Pope Urban II and the Roman Catholic Church’s

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    Why did Urban II necessitate a crusade in 1095?to establish grounds for Urban’s demand a crusade in 1095, we need to view numerous records of times, and discover what was taking place in the remaining portion of the Christian world which influenced both just what when he stated just what he did to launch initial crusade. At the time, religion played an important role in very nearly everyone’s day-to-day lives, therefore the belief system associated with the afterlife was acutely strong. It absolutely was real that each and every Christian had a tremendously vivid

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    Causes and ramifications of the CrusadesTowards 1071 AD, Seldjuk Turks had grown powerful and had started conquering the East. Christians begun to battle to reach the holy places during their pilgrimages. The military expeditions planned and fought by eu Christians that started around 1095 AD, are understood today once the Holy Wars, and/or Crusades. The purpose of these expeditions would be to overtake and gain control of this holy land of Jerusalem, through the Muslims. Deus Vult, meaning

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    the very first Crusade the initial Crusade was the peak for the whole Crusade campaign. Its lone success in the long type of Crusades proves its uniqueness one of the six other people which were mostly inadequate. Particular fortunate circumstances undoubtedly contributed to your Christian success in using the Holy Land on their first try. Likewise, a great many other circumstances were responsible for why the following crusades had been less effective and in some cases disastrous. From very first crusade being a holy

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    The Albigensian Crusade ended up being started by the Roman Catholic Church in purchase of Pope Innocent III as that which was actually a travesty of a spiritual motion, since it had hardly any spiritual effect. It did, however, result in enormous governmental, pecuniary, and sociocultural alteration within the Holy Roman Empire and France within the 13th Century AD as it to be realn’t about faith; it absolutely was about power. Wide range had been spread and lost through the entire Holy Roman Empire and France as the fighting raged on. Southern

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    109 the very first Crusade was launched by Christians because of the support associated with Roman Catholic Church in hopes of recapturing Jerusalem through the Muslims. The Crusades arose away from feudal culture into the eleventh century, offering crusaders freedom adventure and a potential financial gain. Pope Urban II gave a speech on church leaders and nobles in France, telling them to save their other Christians from Muslims. He promised them everlasting life in paradise if they went. The Crusades weren’t started

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    The Crusades of this dark ages had been an extremely essential part of history, even though it had been extremely gruesome and unnecessary on top of that, an oxymoron. I say it absolutely was important only since it had a direct impact regarding world we inhabit today. It may be a tremendously various globe if the crusades might have never ever taken place and I also believe old-fashioned Roman Catholicism could be far more popular nowadays. The thought of the crusades appears incorrect within the modern morals, but at the same time it seemed completely right

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    not follow errors which were currently made, they just appear to come about. This very day in age, out nation is experiencing a scenario which acutely similar to that that occurred into the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, that which is the crusades. Crusades now can be explained as all wars undertaken in pursuance of a vow, and directed against infidels. But back the center many years it absolutely was referred to as any army expedition under taken by the Christians of European countries (Random home Webster’s 318).On September

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    to that principle in the case of the crusades. In the case of the initial Crrusade many individuals did just that, volunteered knowing that most of them would die protecting their spiritual values. In the days of the Byzantine Empire, a person’s faith or religion determined the way they would live their life. It is the nature of men and women to fight for just what they rely on; therefore, defending people religion isn't objective to that concept like in the First Crusade. A crusade is characterized as some of the military

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    The Crusades occurred at the center East between 1095 and 1291. These people were used to gain a leg on trading, have more land to show hegemony, and also to please the gods. Based upon the documents, the Crusades between 1095 and 1291 were caused primarily by religious devotion as opposed to by the wish to have economic and governmental gain. In document 1 by Pope Urban II, he stated that the Christians in the western should protect their other brethren in the eastern. He proceeded to state that Romania was conquered

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    The very first Crusade happened in 1096-1099 in the centre East and it was a really dark spot the Jewish individuals residing in this duration of time ever. A Crusade is a holy war or a keen motion for modification socially, politically, or religiously. Within the guide The Chronicles of the very first Crusade edited by Christopher Tyerman, it depicts the anger of Christians towards Jewish people following the crucifixion of Christ. The Jews were placed to be culpable for Jesus’s death together with Crusaders decided that

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    The First Crusade As the season 1000A.D. ended up being approaching the potency of Christianity inWestern Europe ended up being growing alongside its populace. The newly reformed andorganized Church begun to gain great power. A new European countries was being created withthe Catholic Church as a force in almost every part of life. In Christian beliefs, the savior, Jesus Christ would be to come back to earthand bring judgment on its people. Numerous clergy people along with lay individuals

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    The Crusades had been a bloody war that the church considered holy and required for salvation regarding the knights heart. The Crusades are a highly controversial and incredibly dark stain in the Catholic church and Hierarchies past. The war had been taken to the church after that Roman allies who they'd tense dealings with. The where looking for aid in the battle against the muslim turks. The church decreed there act holy and justified. Individuals who were in churches thumb had no objections towards slaughter that their

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    Overview and review associated with CrusadesThe Crusades had been armed forces expeditions in the offing and completed by westernEuropean Christians. The crusades began around 1095. The purpose of thesecrusades would be to overtake and gain control of the Holy Land from Muslims. TheHoly Land had been Jerusalem while the Christians believed that gaining control of itwas their fate. The pope would gather the folks together and incite them. Theorigin regarding the crusades had been a result of the expanding Turks in the middle

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    The CrusadesThe Crusades were Christian army expeditions undertaken involving the 11th plus the 14th century to capture the Holy Land from Muslims. “The word crusade, which is produced from the Latin crux (»cross"), is a reference towards the biblical restriction that Christians carry their cross.”1 Crusaders wore a red fabric, get across sewn on the tunics to indicate which they had thought the cross and were soldiers of Christ. Just what had been the actual causes of the crusades and how did all of it finally

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