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Gender debates have been a long-standing issue when it comes to equality between the two sexes. Men and women around the world have been segregated for ages based on the lines of gender. The core issue that needs to be addressed by both the sexes is the fact an issue of gender disparity is a social problem and it needs to be dealt in that light (Lumb 2017). Men involved in the pursuit of gender equality are regarded as people who are in the pursuit of gender mainstreaming. According to Jahan (1996), the idea of gender is something that is created by the individual mindset and prejudice. Such mentalities that discriminate based on sex are a result of the structure that has been incorporated in the culture from ages of prejudiced gender thoughts.

The inequality that is prevalent in the sexes is a result of the various practices that are prevalent in the society from a long time. Men and women are equally in pursuit of a change that they want to bring in the society for a better future. The constant struggle to bring equality has to continue and both the sexes should together engage in this process. Public policies have the ability to either propagate or dispose of segregation and sex disparity. It is just by making sexual orientation a focal thought in the improvement and execution of open arrangement that sex balance and basic human rights for both the sexes can be achieved. The conclusion remains that issues of gender discrimination should be seen as a social issue rather as problems that are meant only for the given gender (Eerdewijk and Davids 2014). Working in unison can only lead to removal of the such practices that prioritize gender in positive or negative way.

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