Critical thinking Essay

When you are trying to learn something new, you should stop your mind from making any decisions about accepting or rejecting the idea before it is fully absorbed. You are here asking yourself, evaluating, analyzing, classifying and maintaining relationships in order to arrive at a correct understanding of the idea. This is called critical thinking.

Critical thinking can be defined as the process of finding personal convictions through analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and reasoning about a situation. In other words, you will go beyond the conclusions of others, to look at the data, to come up with your own conclusions, and only then can you compare what you have found with what others have found, to support your idea and your point of view.

Unfortunately, the process of critical thinking is not taught in schools, although it is one of the most important skills that is supposed to not graduate without mastering it. It also applies not only to study but to various areas of life.

In my opinion, I think that all students at different levels need a curriculum to develop thinking skills to enhance aspects of critical thinking and contribute to the development of problem-solving skills. Universities and the education sector generally have to make more efforts to develop analytical and monetary thinking at various stages to qualify today's students for a new economy that requires different skills.

I see managers' demand for applicants who accurate critical thinking and ability to solve problems effectively is logical. Employers want job candidates who can assess the situation using logical thinking and come up with the best solution. A person with critical thinking skills can be trusted to make decisions on his or her own initiative and does not need to provide support or careful guidance. Good critical thinkers can draw acceptable conclusions from a set of information and distinguish between useful and non-useful details to solve a problem or make a decision, In addition to conditions that require critical thinking may vary from one work to another.

The need for staff to have these features was already mentioned by many writers and experts.

"commonly noted attributes of successful and attractive job candidates—proficiency in written communication, ability to work collaboratively and negotiate, and interpersonal and problem-solving skills." (Oblinger and Verville, 1998)

Reference: Youlanda M. Gibbons. (2002) What Business Wants from Higher Education. The Journal of Higher Education, 73(4), 550-551.

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