Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Essay


Discuss about the Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.



This is a technique which is applied in various organizations in order to generate new and unique ideas. Brainstorming is generally used before starting a project. This is done by following a process of group discussion where everyone present in the organization places their own perception to develop a new project (Gallagher, 2013). This clarifies any problem or doubt that took place while planning about the project. A successful brainstorming session considers the suggestion of every person participating in the discussion to be valid. Most of the brainstorming sessions are considered to be unstructured. Multiple ideas are gathered. The best idea is selected among these ideas. People are encouraged to appreciate the other participants rather than criticizing them in the brainstorming session. Brainstorming sessions boost people to think in a free way and evaluate ideas (Wilson, 2013). A good example of brainstorming session is the general meeting that takes place in a software development company like Microsoft. This can also be considered to be a technique that can be used in a conference. People do not give ideas on a usual basis in an organization. Brainstorming sessions brings out the innovative side of each person very clearly (Keeney, 2012). Certain rules can be followed in order to generate good ideas and these rules can be helpful for introvert people to open up and give ideas during the session.

Trial and Error

This is a technique that can be used to solve complex and difficult issues and problems. Trial and error technique or method can be used in order to solve those problems that can have multiple chances or choices to come to a single solution (Garrett, 2013). This methodology cannot be used to solve problems where multiple alternatives are not present. Trial and error techniques cannot be used in cases where a doctor is carrying out an operation on a patient or in case of bomb diffusion. This method is useful in gaining knowledge. Suppose there are several alternatives to reach a solution in that case, the researcher can use each of the alternatives and check the result (Berkeley, 2013). The option that gives the correct result is selected. If the one option does not give the desired result then the next option can be tried out. Mechanical and engineering problems are most of the time solved by using this trial and error methodology. This technique is not used for getting the best result but it is used for simply finding a solution (Ruediger et al., 2012). It needs a lot of patience. A very good example of this technique is the attempts made by engineers of aircrafts to break the barrier of sound. An example of trial and error in the IT industry is the testing that is done after developing software.


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