Critical Research Methods And Statistics Essay


Discuss about the Critical Research Methods and Statistics.



I have learned a lot in this course and I am sure that the learning and knowledge would remain with me. My research topic is to identify and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of social networks at workplace for large organizations and in the last few weeks I have learned various intricacies of research work. Now, I am aware of various parts and attributes of research. With the research work I can feel that the researches are complex in nature, no matter how easy or simple it may appear. In this course I learned that four different aspects of validity should be considered when reviewing a research design: statistical conclusion validity, internal validity, constructs validity, and external validity.

Explain how this learning process will be useful to you

Every week was a new week for me and it may not be possible to put the learning of entire week in one paragraph. The learning from this course would help me to emerge as a better professional. I am sure that I would be able to transform the learning experience in my personal as well as professional life through my knowledge and wisdom. The learning from this course would help me to make small and big decisions. I am sure that the learning about the use of social media would also help me to implement the social media strategy at my future workplace. I am pretty sure about the various intricacies of social media networks that would help me to implement a strong social media strategy in place.

Describe objectively what happened in the learning process

In this course, I learned about the basic of research design and the high level process that should be used in the research work (Sherri & Jackson, 2015). In the first week I started with the background study of my research area. I did not finalize the topic in this week; however I started my initial research in the area of social media. In the seond week, I deep dived into the area of social media for organizations and I finalized the research topic of use of social media for organizations. In the third week I established my project goal and objectives. I learned that setting the project goals and objectives is important as it establishes project boundary (William, James, & Arora, 2015). I also developed the PICOT question of my research work in this week. In this week I learned about the research design and research methods that should be used in the research. In this week, I studied about the primary research methods and secondary research methods (Zikmund, 2012). The above journal discusses the learning in each of the week. With the above discussion it can be said that I have made significant learning along the course at each week. In the sixth week, I used the articles from Week 5 to continue my literature review. I started to document the learning from each of the article in my literature review. This week, I also started with the data design phase. I decided the participants’ type that I would need for my research work. In this week I learned about ways to improve the research validity. It is observed that a strong cause increases conclusion validity. With the above recommendations there would a more established cause and hence the conclusion validity would improve. The construct validity would also improve, as the recommendation is to use the matching technique to provide equal environment to all the participants. This week I learned about the ways to conclude the research. I learned that it is a difficult task to write the research report. In this week I also did a summary of all my previous weeks. In this week I also decided the expected research outcome. In this week, I was in a place to design the framework to check the performance of my research work by matching the expected outcome with the actual outcome.

Evaluate what you learn

In this course I learned that there are always some dangers of failing to consider the validity of a research study. The evidence-based practice may not be successful when the validity is low (Bryman & Bell, 2015). In low validity, it is not possible to have strong case of cause and effect and therefore it is difficult to establish adequate interventions. If I have to evaluate my learning on a scale of 1 to 10 then I would rate it more than 8.

In this course I learned about the various primary research methods like survey, online questionnaire, personal interview, etc. After a thorough study of all the primary research methods, I decided that I would use the online questionnaire method as it is most effectively and less costly method. Moreover, with the online method I can reach to a large set of people easily.

Explain how this learning you will apply

In this course, I learned about was collected data should be analyzed. I learned that data collection is only one aspect of the research. It is important that the collected data should ne analyzed to make meaningful inferences. In this week I also learned about the various types of research limitations. I realized that there could be various internal and external limitations or constraints in my research work and it is important that researcher should plan for both internal and external constrains and limitations (Bryman & Bell, 2015). I decided that I would use primary and secondary research methods to complete my research. In this week I also finalized my articles for the research work. In this week I started with the basic design of primary research.

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