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The operational activities are typically referred to as the daily activities of a company that generates income. These types of exercises identify with the center business activities of an organization, for example, fabricating, disseminating, highlighting and offering an item or administration. The operational exercises decide the gainfulness of an organization as it gives the greater part of an organization's income. This paper examines the operational exercises of three associations named Heathrow Airport, TUI Group and Catering Facilities of Emirates Airline in Dubai. The management of the operational activities is important for efficiency and effectiveness of an organization hence the analysis will be carried out on the operational activities of the three organizations.


This section outlines the background information of the three organizations upon which the critical analysis of their operational activities has been done in the later sections.

Heathrow Airport: Heathrow Airport is an imperative worldwide plane terminal in Hillingdon, London, England, and United Kingdom. Heathrow is the busiest plane terminal in the United Kingdom, and furthermore the busiest air terminal in Europe by explorer action, and sixth busiest air terminal on the planet by total voyager development. In 2015, it dealt with a record 75 million explorers, a 2.2 percent development from 2014 (Adler, Liebert and Yazhemsky, 2013). Heathrow plane terminal has been in operation since 1946 and is the UK's greatest air terminal and the world's busiest overall air terminal, augmenting 60 million explorers and 1.3 million tons of payloads consistently. Terminal 5 when created will have the ability to handle 30 million voyagers for consistently, taking Heathrow's total number of explorers to around 90 million.

TUI Group: TUI Group is a multinational travel and tourism association headquartered in Hannover, Germany. It is the greatest unwinding, travel and tourism association on the planet, and cases travel workplaces, motels, transporters, voyage ships and retail stores (Wu, 2016). The get-together has six European flying machines - the greatest event task force in Europe - and UK-based visit overseer Thomson. TUI Group is the world's primary tourism business (, 2016). In 2014/54 financial year, the TUI Group with a headcount of 76,000-recorded turnover of €20.1 billion and a working eventual outcome of €1.069 billion.

Catering Facilities of Emirates Airline in Dubai: Emirates Flight Catering is 90% asserted by Emirates transporter, with the staying offer held by Dubai Civil Aviation (, 2016). Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) gives in-flight giving nourishment and reinforce organizations to more than 120 airplanes flying into or out of Dubai International Airport and can convey more than 175,000 dinners for consistently from its two mechanically impelled cooking workplaces.

Analysis of the Operational Activities in Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is used by more than 80 transporters venturing out to 185 destinations in 84 countries. The air terminal is the key focal point of British Airways and is a base for Virgin Atlantic. It has four voyager terminals (numbered 2 to 5) and a heap terminal (Atkin et al. 2013). The operational activities of Heathrow Airport are categorized into Facilities, Flight Movements, Regulation and Security. These are described as below:


Heathrow had six runways, masterminded in three sets at various points fit as a fiddle of a hexagram with the perpetual traveler terminal in the center and the more seasoned terminal along the north edge of the field. As the required length for runways has developed, Heathrow now has only two parallel runways running east west (Wilke, Majumdar and Ochieng, 2014). These are enlarged adjustments of the two east–west runways from the main hexagram. From the air, most of the main runways can even now be seen, solidified into the present plan of taxiways.

The air terminal has its own inhabitant press corps, comprising of six picture takers and one TV team, serving all the significant daily papers, TV channels the world over, and there is a Central Waiting Area for the travelers in Terminal 5 (Robinson et al. 2016).

Flight movements

Each is described by a VOR radio-navigational reference point (Morris, Peters and Choroba, 2013). Exactly when the plane terminal is involved, aircraft circle in the related hold outlines. These holding ranges lie toward the northwest, upper east, southeast and southwest of the London conurbation. Flying machine holds between 7000 feet and 15000 feet at 1000-foot breaks. In the event that these holds turn out to be full, flying machine are held at focuses that are far off before being cleared forward to one of the four principle holds.

Air development controllers at Heathrow Approach Control (arranged in Swanwick, Hampshire) then guide the plane to their last approach (Budeanu, 2012). Critical use is made of diligent dive approach techniques to minimize the environmental effects of drawing closer aircraft, particularly amid the night. Once a flying machine is developed on its last approach, control is offered over to Heathrow Tower.


The yearly addition in landing charge per voyager was topped at extension less 3% until 1 April 2003. From 2003 to 2007, charges extended by extension notwithstanding 6.5% consistently, taking the cost to ?9.28 per explorer in 2007 (, 2016). In March 2008, the CAA reported that the charge would be allowed to increase by 23.5% to ?12.80 from 1 April 2008 and by extension notwithstanding 7.5% for each of the going with four years.

The air terminal has been examined starting late to pack and concedes; according to Heathrow Airport Holdings, Heathrow's workplaces were at first proposed to suit 55 million voyagers consistently. The amount of explorers using the plane terminal accomplished a record 70 million in 2012 (, 2016). In 2007, the plane terminal was voted the world's base top decision, near to Chicago O'Hare in a TripAdvisor audit. In any case, the opening of Terminal 5 in 2008 has relieved some weight on terminal workplaces, growing the plane's terminal capacity to 90 million voyagers for consistently. A tie-up is similarly set up with McLaren Applied Technologies to overhaul the general philosophy, reducing delays and tainting.


Policing of the plane terminal is the commitment of the flight security unit of the Metropolitan Police, regardless of the way that the furnished power, including protected vehicles of the Household Cavalry, has sporadically been sent at the air terminal in the midst of times of hoisted security (Suleic et al. 2014). Full body scanners are as of now used at the air terminal, and voyagers who thing to their use ensuing to being picked are required to submit to a hand look for in a private room. The scanners demonstrate voyagers' bodies as a toon style figure, with markers showing where secured things may be. The new imagery was displayed at first as a trial in September 2011, after dissents over security.

Analysis of the Operational Activities in TUI Group

The new TUI Group has 76,000 representatives, 1,800 travel organizations, 6 Airlines with 130 flying machine as well as 300 inns along with resorts. The operations of TUI Group include Tour Operators, Airlines and Cruise Lines. A consistent theme along those five key mainstays of the TUI Group is the steady inquiry to accomplish operational proficiency (Khairat and Maher, 2012). TUI Travel realizes that its clients request 'worth or cash' for their travel spending and the organization is always looking into ranges where it can enhance its operations and be as cost proficient as would be prudent without bargaining on client experience (, 2016). For instance, TUI Travel target overheads of less than 5% in each source market inside the visit head business. TUI Travel is moreover looking for after cost speculation reserves in its diverse activities including the centralization of back-office capacities at whatever point it is fitting and achievable. The aggregate reserve funds made was ?42m in 2012. From 2013 to 2015, the gathering is focusing on ?22m of yearly cost investment funds in operations, speaking to an expected 5% expansion in gainfulness.

Tour Operators

TUI believes that the business according to the principles of sustainable is the only way for tourism to continue its development and to remain as one of the main engines powering the economy of many countries. The tourism sector is especially sensitive to the environment in which it develops. Extreme weather, in other words, climate changes such as hurricanes and floods, drought and the lack of snow, influence the development of tourist activities. The loss of cultural identity can lead to the reduction of its attractiveness, disappearance of uniqueness, which makes it special (, 2016). Besides this, the existence of poverty in the communities in which the company operates is the reality. TUI believes that its obligation which it has to accomplish is before is to improve these situations before its employees, clients and the society in general. The company tends to lead the firm through sustainable business. One of the obligations of TUI is even the reduction of social differences and the reduction of poverty through the possibilities for mutual economic growth (Cavlek, Matecic and Vlahov, 2012). As an organization, it is especially sensitive to social groups such as older people, people with disabilities, children (the future bearers of its heritage).


TUI Group claims six European flying machines, obtained from TUI Travel, making it the greatest tourism pack in Europe. The social affair bearers work both booked and endorse flights to more than 150 destinations general leaving from more than 60 plane terminals in 9 European countries. TUI Airlines passes on countless voyagers and business explorers reliably (Wu, 2016). In May 2015, the TUI Group proclaimed to rebrand its present five bearer brands under one flying machine banner over the range of the coming years, to be titled 'TUI'. ArkeFly, Jetairfly, Thomson Airways, TUIfly and TUIfly Nordic will keep up the diverse air executive's confirmations (AOCs), yet will work under "one central relationship" with "one planning and upkeep limit."

Cruise Lines

TUI Hotels and Resorts deal with the lodging organizations in the World of TUI and is Europe's biggest occasion hotelier. TUI Hotels and Resorts contain lodging brands with large amounts of value and administration and in addition high ecological guidelines. More individuals are finding the fascination of an occasion on the ocean. For a considerable length of time, this section has created twofold digit development rates in the German-talking range. TUI is a main supplier and means to become further. The Cruises Sector pools TUI's exercises in the seven oceans. Two in number brands serve distinctive client prerequisites. Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten remains for extravagance and undertaking travels. TUI Cruises, set up in 2008, offers premium travels for the volume market (Ercegova and Ferenc, 2013). Both brands keep on expanding their armadas and their operations. Because of absence of new-building limit, TUI Cruises began having journey ships by gaining the voyage ship Celebrity Galaxy, which was worked by Meyer Werft and was possessed by another RCCL auxiliary, Celebrity Cruises. She exited the Celebrity armada on 16 March 2009. In the wake of procuring Celebrity Galaxy, the boat made a beeline for Lloyd Werft shipyards in Bremerhaven, Germany. She landed on 27 March 2009, and got a €50 Million, 38-day change to redesign her offices to suit a German-talking market. On May 27, 2010, it was declared that one more Century-class ship, Celebrity Mercury, would turn into the most recent expansion to TUI's armada, renamed Mein Schiff 2 (Parker, 2012). Because of this, Mein Schiff was renamed into Mein Schiff 1 preceding the refit. She entered administration with TUI in February 2011 after its broad restoration, with the expansion of more verandas, an extended wellbeing region and outline components, which are found on Mein Schiff 1. TUI Group expects to guarantee that their tourism offerings in the destinations are not given in disengagement from the biological and social structure in the nation concerned.

Analysis of the Operational Activities in the Catering Facilities of Emirates Airline in Dubai

Emirates Flight Catering (Emirates Catering) is an in-flight cooking organization supplier working in Dubai. The association offers in-flight cooking and reinforces organizations to Emirates Airlines isolated from offering organizations to air ship clients working at Dubai International Airport. It moreover gives event cooking, private plane giving nourishment and sustenance and refreshment organizations near to working a support era plant under the Food Point mark. Emirates Catering is 90% guaranteed by Emirates bearer and staying 10% offer is held by Dubai Civil Aviation. It fills in as a reinforcement of The Emirates Group, a travel and tourism mix. Emirates Catering is headquartered in Dubai, the UAE (Jones, 2012). Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) gives in-flight giving nourishment and reinforce organizations to more than 120 bearers flying into or out of Dubai International Airport and can convey more than 175,000 suppers for consistently from its two imaginatively moved cooking workplaces.

EKFC1, which is committed to offering suppers to voyagers going on Emirates air ship, is the greatest and bleeding edge giving sustenance office on the planet; EKFC2 serves each other transporter, including Singapore Airlines, Air France, Swiss and Virgin Atlantic (AIRLINES, 2013). In hard and fast Emirates Flight Catering has more than 6,000 delegates who convey a typical of 115,000 meals for consistently for explorers going ahead around 300 particular flights. Giving sustenance workplaces at Dubai International Airport backpedal to 1975 when 2,000-2,500 suppers were conveyed each day. EKFC was confined from the primary Emirates Abela Catering Company in 2003 with the main building getting the opportunity to be EKFC2 when the new office got the chance to be operational in July 2007.

Emirates Flight Catering starts gourmet specialists with bespoke inclusion in culinary traditions as per the solicitations and tastes of its customers' palates and with the air ships' destinations (Squalli, 2014). A Japanese culinary master makes a regional extent of sushi for the Japanese expressways; an Indian power prepares a load of different curries to give nourishment to Indian sub-territory flights; and a gourmet master from the US admonishes on best menu options for flights to America.

All EKFC offices – including Food Point and modern clothing plant Linencraft, (which has the ability to handle more than 80 tons of material and clothing a day), have five-star evaluations for Occupational Health and Safety. EKFC has likewise ventured into the occasions market, giving cooking administrations to prominent shows and games competitions, for example, the biennial Dubai International Aerospace Exhibition, GITEX, the Dubai Tennis Championships and the Dubai Rugby Sevens. Emirates Airline is one of the world's greatest carriers, encouraging a huge number of travelers on load up a normal of 481 flights a day (Christina, 2015). To adapt to this interest, it works one of the biggest carrier nourishment plants on the planet - out of Dubai International Airport. At the Emirates Flight Catering Facility, 10,000 staff individuals get ready upwards of 180,000 dinners each day. The 88,000 square meter office has a 2.55 Km-long electric monorail, which transports dinner trucks to and from the planes. On any given day, Emirates gets ready 119,000 economy suppers, 19,000 business class dinners and 2,500 top of the line dinners. On top of that, it serves 11,000 group suppers on board their 249 airship. At first, the office was planned with a limit of 150,000 suppers for every day as a primary concern, albeit after different extension endeavors, it is presently fit for delivering more than 175,000 dinners a day. On any given day, the Emirates office produces 7500 sweets for first and business class clients, 65000 pastries for economy class, 15000 biscuits, 65000 servings of mixed greens involving 5000 for first and business class alongside 60,000 for economy (Bhatia, 2012). It additionally creates 1200 liters of Tomato Juice and more than 3 million things of hardware; for example, cutlery, ceramics and dishes are washed. On Friday, March 27, 2015, that number topped 179,386 suppers for Emirates flights leaving from Dubai, more than 4,000 more than their every day normal. The year prior to, the EKFC supplied right around 50million dinners for Emirates flights and 8.236 million for different carriers. In any case, that is just 65 percent of all suppers that are served on the aircraft (Roy, 2015). Thusly, for some it will not shock anyone that on a yearly premise, the office utilizes 23 million expendable gloves and four million hairnets.

The operational activities of the Emirates Flight Catering facilities are supported by two subsidiaries as Food Point and Linencraft.

Food Point

Sustenance Point is a giving nourishment office based at Dubai Investment Park that opened in July 2005. It is another food era office, and can convey more than 30 million dinners consistently (Frank and Deveraux, 2015). Sustenance Point was arranged and its endeavor supervised by European Projects, a UK-based master support plan organization that has resulting to end up International Food Systems Ltd.


Linencraft is a washing office arranged at Dubai Investment Park, with a taking care of farthest point of 50 tons of dress and cleaning each day (Critchley, 2014). The workplace was to be able to handle 80 tons systematically by 2010.


The management of operational activities in the three organizations is essential as it involves the generation of income as well as expansion of their business worldwide. The managing of the operations within an organization is based on the making the processes right in an appropriate manner. From the above analysis on three organizations, it can be concluded that companies profit increases maximum when company focus on reducing the operations cost rather than increasing sales or reducing finance cost. The operations of an organization affect the company’s ability to compete and offer a major opportunity for an organization to improve its productivity and profitability. Hence, it has been analyzed from the study that the three organizations should focus more on operations rather than sales and marketing to retain in the competition and attract more customers.


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