Cosmetology Essay

My name is Ana Martinez, I am a young lady about to be 18, for as long as I can remember I always loved different subjects first it was Science then History and later English. I also have always been very hardworking, dedicated and very enthusiastic for cosmetology. One of my greatest accomplishments is not failing one single STAAR test in High School, and this has made me trust myself and to grow mature.

During my freshman year, I was really worried of my grades and if I was going to be prepared to pass my STAAR test, by the time we took the STAAR test. I always felt pressured by my teachers when they told me to study harder by going to tutoring and that I should do better in my assignments. I focused more on how I could maintain my grades high up just in case I failed the STAAR test, I would pass the year with a good grade. At least that’s what they taught me in my old district. I also mainly focused in daily work and checking my grades during class.

Furthermore, I never realized that if you pay close attention in class and take notes you don’t have to be worried about anything. But since I didn’t know that, all the time I was studying hard and doing extra work, making life more difficult and stressful for me. I would even look up STAAR test from the past year for the classes I had to review them. It was not until I took the STAAR test my freshmen year that I realized I was just doing too much, and that everything we studied and did during class, was what really mattered in the test and what I needed to study. Some of the things were just common sense, others were easy things I knew on top of my head. As a result, the rest of the years I was much more relaxed and dedicated when it came to paying attention in class. I stopped doing extra work and started to do what I needed to do, focusing in just homework and reviewing worksheets we did in class and studying for major grades. With this being said I had much more extra time. I always tried to review everything I learned during the year, 2 weeks prior to my STAAR test, this way I always passed my very important STAAR test.

In Conclusion, now that I have experienced this I know I need to take things in a more relaxed way and know that I shouldn’t worry a lot about my grades just enough to where I am sure I know the subjects and that I will pass them. I now know that If I pay attention, review and take good notes it will help me in the future. The main thing is to really be confident and trust yourself for the good of your future and your health. I learned that trusting yourself to study and listen during class, last thing taking notes, was the most important step in order to archive passing the test. And this made me realize that I am a very smart person and I knew since the first year I took a STAAR test in high school I could pass them all without stressing out.

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