Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio Essay


Discuss about the Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio.



The Google is among the top most companies that have been known for its CSR practices. The company does various activities as a part of its corporate social responsibility. The company has strong CSR values and practices. Few examples from CSR practices are listed below:

  • The Google has launched a platform that translated English and Hindi books into local languages. It helps the students to read the books in their native language.
  • Google is helping job seekers in America by providing them with the access to resources they need.
  • Google is working towards racial equality. It is working with Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice (Google 2017).


Microsoft’s policies show commitment towards making a planet a better place to live in. The company is responsible towards providing best to the society. It CSR values and practices are committed towards climate protection projects, energy conservation, water conservation, solar energy projects. The company is also strengthening communities by providing access to micro credit, partners in health services and communicating across languages. The company is doing the best to empower its employees. The company shows a high commitment towards meeting its responsibilities and to address economic, social and environmental issues of the society (Microsoft 2017).


The company displays itself not only as profit making organisation but also as active corporate citizen of international community. The companies try to build a sustainable future for customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, civil society and business partners. Core values of the firm include warmer society, healthier planet and more prosperous living (Hyundai 2017). The major CSR practices of the firm include Safe move- a traffic safety campaign, Happy move programme- to save the heritage and Doing good things together- for health and safety of the kids. All these are just few examples of the Hyundai’s CSR activities. Hyundai does lot more for the society in which it is operating.


Nestle believes that it touches many lives in its process cycle it begins from the farmers who produce for it, the employees who work for it and the customers who consumes their product. It works only the principal to work for the betterment of lives of various individuals and communities. Its core CSR values are also focused protecting the environment. The major activities of the firm include helping 50 million children to lead healthier lives, include 30 million livelihoods in communities directly connected to the business activities and strive for zero environmental impact from the operations (Bee 2017).


Samsung is amongst the companies having high CSR reputation. The aim of the company is to create global harmony with people, society and environment. Samsung’s core focus areas include employability, education, healthcare and sports. In the field of employability the company has started Samsung technical school programme, for the education sector the company has come up with Samsung smart classes, in the field of healthcare the Samsung has started various blood donation drives and for the environment protection the company has always adopted an approach to help the areas that had been affected by natural disasters (Samsung 2017).


Nike’s CSR activities are aimed at sustainable innovation. The company follows a customer centric approach and tends to provide best to the society. The company aims at minimising environmental footprint, transforming manufacturing and unleashing human potential. The company can achieve this sustainability by smart consistent public policies, improving the supply chain by emphasising the water conservation (Newell 2015). Nike does not have a good CSR image due to poor labour practices, but now the company has shifted its focus to shed its negative image. The company has recently donated $50 million to Michelle Obama’s campaign to get American kids more active, citing the high social costs of the “inactivity epidemic” (wordpress 2013).


The company believes on the principal of sharing values to create values. The most important value of the company is to provide excellent quality product to its customers (Ferrero 2017). The company’s CSR strategy reflects the respect for the people and planet. The company’s CSR report includes various goals that are targeted to be achieved till 2020. Some of those targets are enhancing the diversity in the organisation, enhancing the activities of Ferrero foundation, promoting culture of diversity, FSSC 22000 food safety, 100% eggs from barn hens and many more. The company have set these targets to fulfil its CSR responsibility.


The company believes in corporate value enhancement through innovation and sound business practices. The company aims at creating benefit for the society by focusing on areas such as corporate governance, human resource, ethics compliance, quality products &services and environment protection. The company is contributing to the goals of sustainable development. The company’s CSR activities are aimed at providing quality education, gender equality, removing poverty, life below water, hunger elimination, good health and well-being, energy conservation, industry innovation and infrastructure (Sony 2017). The company have strong CSR values and always works for the betterment of society and planet.


Apple has a separate department for looking to its CSR. Lisa Jackson, the vice president of environmental initiatives at Apple is responsible for companies CSR programmes and initiatives (Dudovskiy 2017). The core CSR values of the company are directed towards making a brighter future for the company. Various CSR activities of the company includes plans for supporting local communities, educating and empowering workers, labour and human rights, employee health and safety, gender equalities and minorities, energy consumption, water consumption, waste reduction and reduction in carbon emissions. The company believes in sharing its profits with the company.

Body shop

This company is a popular name in ethical beauty business. The company’s core CSR values include support community fair trade, activate self-esteem, defend human rights, against animal testing and project the planet. The company have been committed to women empowerment through campaigns and income generation projects. The company owns a Body shop foundation that works for the core social values of the firm. The company is also does various kinds of charities whenever needed. Apart from all the activities that it does for betterment of lives the company also lays importance to its process. The company follows a sustainable procedure to manufacture its products. Also it provides quality products to its customers (McDougall 2016).


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