Corporate Social Responsibility And Employee Satisfaction Essay


Discuss about the Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Satisfaction.



Background of the Problem.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a global management issue for any organization that focuses on competitiveness in the industry/ market. In the recent years, CSR has captured the attention of managers, scholars, and practitioners among others. However, little is still on how and whether corporate social responsibility has impacts on employees regarding satisfaction, performance and turnover (Kotler & Lee, 2004). Employees are considered to be the "first customers" to the organization who tirelessly contribute to its success. Therefore, understanding the employees' perception about CSR would help in answering the question about the relation between CSR and employee performance (Rahbek & Pedersen, 2015). This paper examines the extent to which corporate social responsibility influence the employee's performance in an organization.

Research Topic

The research topic to be tested in the study is, "Corporate Social Responsibility as a source of employees' performance and satisfaction in an organization": Case of Coca-Cola Company.

Management Decision

The findings from this research would be of great assistance to organizational managers, stakeholders, practitioners and scholars in their future research and decision-making (Bryman & Bell, 2011). In particular, the research will help in answering the following question; how can the management use CSR in making decisions concerning employees' performance? And how can such decisions affect the company's performance in the market?

Research Question

The research question for the study is;

Is Corporate Social Responsibility a source of employees' satisfaction in an organization?

Specific questions to be addressed are (Bryman & Bell, 2011);

  1. How does engaging in CSR impact the employees' performance?
  2. To what extent can CSR be used to improve the employees' morale?
  3. Does active CSR participation has an impact on the employees' satisfaction?

General purpose would be;

To examine Corporate Social Responsibility as a source of employees' satisfaction (Bryman & Bell, 2011).

Specific Objectives;

  1. To investigate how engaging in CSR impact the employees' performance.
  2. To evaluate the extent at which CSR can be used to improve the employees' morale.
  3. To examine if high CSR participation has an impact on the employees' satisfaction.


H1: Corporate Social Responsibility has an impact on employees' satisfaction and performance.

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