Corporate Philanthropy, Political Influence, And Health Policy Essay


Discuss about Statement of the Problem, Quantitative Methodology, research design for quantitative methodology, selection of most appropriate qualitative methodology and justification for choosing Quantitative Methodology?



The concept of Philanthropy also referred to as humanitarians defines the enhancement of the individuals as well as organizations worldwide. This is not confined within the understanding of the experienced or persons being pensioned off but also among the younger generations as they willingly participate in the activities. The purpose of Philanthropy is to mitigate the reasons behind problem rather than solving the consequences of the problem that is the main goal of charity. In this study, the researcher focuses on the various aspects of Quantitative methodology to analyze the need for Global Philanthropy. ?

Statement of the Problem

According to Fooks & Gilmore, (2013) many high net worth individuals globally describes that the need for Philanthropy have prime importance over the other global issues. There is a need for Global Philanthropy, as it will assist to face the issues of global poverty and climate change. The previous definition of Philanthropy represents the act of wealthy individuals donating large amounts of money for socially beneficial causes but now it encompasses not only the giving of money, but also gifts of goods, skills, services and time for public benefit. Hence, there is a need to widespread the concept of Philanthropy globally.

Purpose of the Study

The main objective behind this study is to determine the need for global Philanthropy and examine the methods to enhance and spread the initiatives for Philanthropy worldwide (Greenspan, Handy & Gerro, 2012). This study will help to determine the issues that are raised due to the inappropriate deployment strategies for Philanthropy across the world.

Research Questions

The research questions prepared to study the problems by utilizing Quantitative methodology are as below:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • What are the most important factors that influences the widespread of Philanthropy?
  • How well the socio-cultural development throughout the world be addressed by global philanthropy?
  • What percentage of the individuals are deprived of their basic resources due to lack of philanthropy?

Research Methodology

The researcher assumes the Quantitative study for the collection of data that suffices with the evaluation on the need of global Philanthropy (Xueying, 2012). There is a need to collect some data with positive aspect and a suitable approach that will help in the conduction of this research.


Quantitative Methodology

The quantitative methodology identifies with positivism philosophical approach that represents physical and social reality is independent of the observation of researcher (Gautier & Pache, 2015). This methodology has been chosen for this study as it is concerned with an objective that the need of global Philanthropy will be discovered.

Research Design for Quantitative Methodology

In this study, the experimental research design related to Quantitative methodology will be utilized to answer the research questions (Krathwohl, 2009). This research design is suitable for the study as it will assist to impose control over all other variables expect the Global Philanthropy as independent variable.

Selection of most appropriate qualitative methodology

According to Krathwohl, (2009) there are various approaches in Qualitative research design as Explanatory, Interpretive, Thematic coding, Semi-structured interviews and Non-profitability sample. The suitable qualitative research design for this study is the semi-structured interviews, as it will help to gather adequate information by interviewing several participants regarding the undertaken research topic (Krathwohl, 2009). The semi-structured interviews will be conducted with a set of pre-determined questions for analyzing the views of the individual participants concerning the need of Philanthropy at global level (Greenspan, Handy & Gerro, 2012). This approach will provide an in-depth knowledge on the dependent variables that are required to determine the importance of independent variable for this research.?

Justification for choosing Quantitative Methodology

The chosen design for the Quantitative research methodology is Experimental research and it suffices to address the research questions as well as research problems. The Experimental research design is the most suited for this research as it is a systematic and scientific approach to research in which the researcher will be able to manipulate one or more variables and any change in other variables can be measured and controlled (Shaw et al. 2013). Furthermore, this research design prioritizes time over the cause and effect so it is the appropriate design for this particular research.


In summary, the experimental research design for Quantitative methodology and the semi-structured interviews for Qualitative methodology are the most suitable for this particular research. These two research approaches will assist in the successful conduction this research as it provides support for the determination and analysis of the various factors involved with the importance of global Philanthropy for addressing issues of global poverty and climate change.



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