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The Annual Easter Festival will be an event to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The event is usually observed among all Christians around the world. There are different ways that the event is celebrated, however the major focus is usually the life and death and resurrection of Christ. In most cases, adult Christians will celebrated by preparing nice and yummy delicacies and decking up of their homes to look pretty (Indobase, 2017). For children, the most traditional ways they will celebrate the event will involve colorful candies, digging in to cakes, colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jelly beans (Nasrallah, et al., 2013).

During the Annual Easter Festival, the event will be held during this spring as a way of signifying the life of Christ. The event will be honored by decorations of fresh flowers, pastors from different denominations will conduct special service on that day so as to commemorate the life of Christ. There will also be different competitions held including egg hunting, singing , face painting, plays, music, dancing etc. as part of the event, people will also have a chance to provide gifts for their loved ones, this is still practiced around the world, with fervor all across the world (Carvalhaes & Galbreath, 2011). There will be Easter gift baskets which will be used in giving out assorted gifts like accessories, books, toys, candies and chocolates.

Location of the Event

The event will be held at the Community social hall. The reason for choosing a social is very important since it will incorporate all the denominations. As it is known with all the Christian events like this one, different churches have their own ways of commemorating the death and life of Christ. Have a social hall for holding the event ensures that all people are treated equally and that people come in to the event with one objective of celebrating the life of Jesus Christ. A social hall is also chosen for this even as it is able to accommodate a multitude of people. Since the event will involve a lot of performing arts including theatre depicting the life of Christ, a social hall is good as it will have a stage where performers will be able to showcase their play and people of different ages and class can be able to appreciate the event.


The duration of this event will take a total of three days. The first day will be made of prayers and introductions to the activities. Different contests will also begin on this day and will stretch all the way to the last day which will be on Sunday. The Sunday program will be filled with a lot of Christian activities, prayers and showcasing of Christ in stage acting and showing the award winning film, The Passion of Christ’. During the last day of the event, people will also enjoy a chance to be inspired by a world renown Christian leader, who will be called upon to preach to the participants (Nasrallah, et al., 2013). The leader will also award prices to winning activities and their teams. Price giving will also be done in the last day and people will be asked to show love and peace’s as Christ did by dying on the cross.


The Aim of the Easter event is to bring together all Christians from different religious denominations and unite in celebrating the life of Christ.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the event is to ensure that all Christians come to an agreement of preaching peace and love and Jesus Christ whom the event is celebrated did.

The Objectives of the Event will be as follows:

  1. To mobilize 1000 Christians from 10 different denomination to attend the event as a sing of Christian unity in Christ.
  2. To attract 50 participants from different Christian denominations to performance arts and games that depict Christian unity and the love of Christ.
  3. To generate revenue that will be directed toward the practices of Christianity and spread the word of Christ in the nation.


Marketing will for a very important part of the whole event. Since the event is international known and celebrated, no prior introduction will be needed in running of the event. However, there will be need for marketing as the event will not be held in church, and neither will it be done in the normal Christian way. As part of marketing, the organizers have printed different invitation cards and posters that will be distributed in all churches across the city. The cards will inform participants and citizens about the even, dates and activities (Chernev & Kotler, 2012). There will also be the use of media advertising where the organizers will make use of the social media especially to make invites. Such social media will include Facebook, twitter and whattsapp (Chernev, 2011). The choice of these medium is that it will be able to reach a huge number of participants. In addition, there will be cable internet TV advertising and the organizers will collaborated with churches to ensure they advertise the event in their church and the church websites. Word of mouth will also be used for market. The reason for choosing the above types of marketing is that it is cheap and also due to the time factor, this medium will ensure that information about the event is spread faster.


Soon after the event, an evaluation will be made to assess the economic, sociocultural and environmental impact of the event as follows:

Economic – Economically, the event will attract a lot of revenue for the communities living within the social hall. This is because apart from the event, people within the venue are encouraged to sale other commodities, food and refreshments and gift bags that will be used in honoring the event. In addition, given that transport logistics will be needed, transport services will also earn a lot of revenue from the event. There will also be sponsoring companies who will be encouraged to represent their stands and sell off their policies to all the participants so long as they do not interrupt the program (Chernev & Kotler, 2012). Given that there will be a participation fee to secure a seat in the event, the organizers will also earn from it.

Environmental – Given that it is a public event, there is bound to be some challenges in getting the clearance to hold the event from the local municipality due to sound pollution and waste disposal (Peri?, et al., 2016). However mechanisms will be put in place to ensure proper waste disposal during and after the event.

Socio cultural – Since it is a Christian led event, there is bound to be little challenges in the social cultural impact. However, the most positive impact will be that the event will bring together Christians from all denominations to serve a common goal of spreading love and peace as was the image of Christ, whom the event is purposed (Peri?, et al., 2016).

Success analysis

With reference to the program of the event, it is possible that the event is bound to success. One of the reason is the marketing strategies that will be used. In addition, the event is internationally known which means many Christians will be interested in attending (Indobase, 2017). The only fear for the event is if conservative Christians from other denominations decline to attend the open event.


To have the event successful, it is recommended that direct marketing commence as soon as possible. Posters should be put in different strategic area in churches and social media advertising needs to begin soon. It is also recommended that the organizers discuss with church leaders of different denominations to budget, decide on pricing and scheduling all the participants.

Event Annual Festival Event




Day 1

8:00-100:00 – Booking and registering of participants

10:00-11:00 – Refreshments and social sessions

11:00 – 1:00 – familiarization of different denominations

1: 00 – 2:00 Lunch Break

2:00- 4:00 – Official Launch


8:00 – 4:00 – Events, Preaching’s, Games, Plays


8: 00 – 10:00 – Prayer Service

10:00 – 11:00 – Break

11:00 – 1:00 – Plays and Games from finalists

1:00 – 2:00 - Lunch

2:00 – 3:00 - Award of Finalists

3:00 – 4:00 – Gifts and Music

4:00 – 9:00 – Music, Refreshment, Entertainment Guests, Participants Leave at own Pleasure.


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