Contemporary Educational Ethics Issue Essay


Prepare a 3 page paper in which you research a contemporary educational ethical issue where your personal beliefs and values may conflict with legal and societal expectations. The contemporary issue should involve widely accepted moral and ethical values that come in conflict with legal requirements and societal thought.

Summarize the situation, present the legal stance, and assert what you believe the societal stance to be. Outline the expected consequences and benefits based on the accepted value systems.

As an educational leader, if this issue arose in your institution, what course of action would you take? Would that course of action be based on your personal values or ethical decision-making? How would you sell your ideas to other leaders, parents, students, and the community? If your ideas were not accepted, what would your fallback position be, if you had one?



This report introduces a research on the contemporary educational, ethical issue regarding reservation in the Australian universities. It summarises the situation with the expected benefits and consequences that are based on the value systems. If the issue takes place in an educational institution, then the probable actions to be taken have also been elaborated.


Summarization of the situation

The universities in Australia have initiated reservation system for the backwards tribal people who are treated as the minority in the country (, 2016). A certain number of reserved seats has created a situation where suitable candidates of the normal category are not able to take admission. It has therefore created a mental dissatisfaction in the normal students' mind that though they have secured good marks in the last examination, they have passed, they are not able to get through (, 2016). Undoubtedly, it is an ethical issue created by the education houses.

Presentation of the legal stance

The jurisdiction of Australia has approved the initiatives taken by the universities. As a result, if the nominal number of the minorities take admission in the universities then a certain number of seats remain empty which can not be fulfilled by the qualified candidates of the normal category (, 2016). The government of Australia has taken the steps to protect the educational progress of the minorities, which has created an ethical issue for the normal regarding the unavailability of seats.

Assertion of the belief regarding social stance

As per the current situation, it can be expected from the society that they will take a stand against the jurisdiction of the nation for the restoration of the facilities of the general people. It can be believed that the common people will make processions showing their disrespect towards the existing system (, 2012). They will communicate their message through the opponent party in the parliament house where a bill will be passed for initialization of flexibility regarding admission.

Expected consequences and benefits based on the accepted value systems

The expected consequences are as follows,

  • There will be a major clash between the major and the minority communities regarding the change of the rules.
  • If the value systems are accepted then, it can remove the existing government who are in the favour of strict reservations (, 2016).
  • Rules and regulations will be modified for the general people.

The benefits of the accepted value systems are as follows,

  • There will be flexibility in the system of admission in the universities. If seats reserved for the minority remain vacant due to unavailability of the minor students, it will be fulfilled by a suitable general student (, 2016).
  • The modified system will create a good morale among the general as they will have a feeling of a sense of justice from their government. There will be an encouragement of taking more admissions in the universities for education, which will lead to enhancement of the literacy level.

Course of action to be taken

If such issue regarding reservation arises in our educational institution, the steps to be taken are,

  • Immediate removal of the reservation system (, 2016)
  • Setting the same eligibility criteria for all the candidates either be general or tribal.

Course of action that is based on personal values or ethical decisions

  • If a tribal student excels well in the academics but is not able to carry on due to the financial crisis, then a monetary concession will be given to him for further studies as an emergency support (, 2012).
  • Regular campaigning will be done for avoiding racial discrimination among the students for reduction of communal hatred.

Selling the ideas to other leaders, parents, students and community

The ideas are built on the concepts of values and ethics. It should be communicated to leaders, parents, students and the community through conduction of seminars and workshops in the schools, colleges and the universities (, 2016). The ideas can also be communicated through newspaper and Internet ads and social networking site, which will reach most of the target audience.

Fallback position in case of rejection of ideas

If the ideas are rejected then, it will symbolise that majority of the nation are in support of the existing system of the reservation or they have some other opinion. In case, the position will be to look for another alternative for changing the system (, 2016). Providing other facilities to the general candidates such as scholarship can add up value.

Course of action to be taken in case of global organization's leader

If the institution is a global organization, general students will be given more monetary scholarship along with further study facilities in the colleges in other nations under the affiliation of the main institution in Australia (, 2016). Such changes are required on the essential basis if a change in administration in Australia is not at all possible.


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