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Disucss about the Consumerism in Harvey Norman.


Consumer decision making can be defined as a systematic process through which the prospective buyers can recognize their demands, obtain necessary statistics about it, measure up the options provided by the rivals in the same business and then ultimately contemplate the buying choice. Indeed, constructive consumer decision-making process is said to be the deciding factor in the profitability quotient of any business organization (Solomon, 2014). This report outlines the fact to discuss the consumer decision-making process of Harvey Norman along with its many services, processes and communications involved in the complete aforementioned process.

Identification of services, processes and communications of Harvey Norman:

Harvey Norman is a renowned organization, which specializes in providing high-end quality furnishing products, electronic applications and communications to the customers. (Chugh & Grandhi, 2012). Harvey Norman is well known for favorably influencing the consumer decision-making process towards itself then the other competitors doing business in the same sector.

The most attractive services available in the Harvey Norman website -

The most attractive services offered by Harvey Norman are computers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning devices, beauty care products, beds and furnishing products, kitchenette contrivances and others. Harvey Norman also specializes in the provision of various specialized products under the above-mentioned category of commodities.

The most attractive processes available in the Harvey Norman website-

Print service – This service provides information about the Harvey Norman products to the customers in the form of stylized business cards, attractive posters, and graphic oriented printing materials.
Delivery service - The delivery service of Harvey Norman ensures that the preferred products of the consumers are delivered to the customers in a speedy, efficient and economical manner at their doorsteps.
Finance service- At Harvey Norman, customers can choose to purchase their chosen products with limited financial capability with the help of online loans and with the new option- Interest Free.
Monitoring of pricing strategy- This service assists customers to purchase Harvey Norman products at the current available market price so that the customers do not get the feel that they have been deceived or subjected to unfair pricing tactics (Nagle, Hogan & Zale, 2016).
The service of returning and refunding of products- Harvey Norman maintains a very strictly checked refund and repair policy regarding the provision of any defected or damaged products to the customers so that the customers do not get a bad perception about the company and it is seen to it that they are properly compensated.

The most attractive communications available in the Harvey Norman website-

Harvey Norman maintains a very informative e-commerce website where customers get the facility to satisfy their quench of knowledge about any specific product or service. Customers can clearly understand the features, quality, price of their chosen products from the given catalogues without any hindrance (Craft, 2012). For instance, when a customer is browsing the website for a particular divan, he or she can easily visualize the offered price, any special discounts or rebates and the delivery process ( 2017). The different features of the divan are also clearly mentioned in the website to guide the customers unerringly in their decision-making process.
The website also communicates the complaint centre number and address to the customers in case they face any issue with the quality of the product such as erroneous delivery of a different product other than the placed order or receiving a tampered product ("Interest Free | Harvey Norman Australia", 2017).
The Harvey Norman website also provides information about the locations of all their retail stores as country wise to the viewers so that they can visit to the nearby Harvey Norman store in person and see the available products (Holmes, Byrne & Rowley, 2013). Therefore, it can be said that the communications provided in the Harvey Norman website helps to facilitate consumer decision-making process.

The steps in the consumer decision making process of Harvey Norman that each service, service or communication covers:

Desire- The first step desire instigates the stimulus of the customer to search for a product at a particular store. The descriptive information about products available at the Harvey Norman website covers this step.
Apprehension of problem- The second step frames the mindset of the customers to think that a feature of a particular product or the product itself would resolve their problem of inadequacy or unmet desire. The information available in the printing service of Harvey Norman website about the features or the unique usability of the products covers this step.
Probing for information- The third step aids the customers to contemplate a mental list of all the products that might be suitable to meet the challenges or the wants of the particular customer. The inviting and the fanciable retail store establishments of Harvey Norman cover this step.
Assessment of all the product’s characteristics- The fourth step assists the customers to measure the effectiveness of all the other products available at Harvey Norman and including the ones available at the rivals (Oliver, 2014). The varied and the classified range of products available at the Harvey Norman’s portfolio such as computers, television sets, carpets, gaming products, BBQ products and others covers thus step.
Buying products- The fifth step ultimately helps the customers to buy the chosen products or services in exchange of a monetary settlement or payment (Floh & Madlberger, 2013). The delivery service, the finance service and the pricing strategy of Harvey Norman cover this step.

Post buying conduct- The sixth step is the most important step. Nowadays, the companies always maintain and provide follow up service to the customers after the completion of the transaction. The service of returning and refunding of products and the online customer help desk available at the Harvey Norman website covers this step.

Provisions or recommendations of any additional communications /services:

Harvey Norman must take the initiative to conduct surveys and keep itself updated on a monthly basis to gather information about the wants, choices, preferences and desires of the consumers because the desires and whims of the consumers and the market trends are constantly evolving and changing at a rapid pace.
Harvey Norman must segregate the global market demand based on geographical, demographic, cultural and social factors (Wedel & Kamakura, 2012). By adopting this service, Harvey Norman can manufacture products suitable for all the sections of customers and effectively beat the other competitors engaged in the same trade.
Harvey Norman must evolve their company’s website by making it more impressionable and receptive. The website content should be interesting and stimulating to the viewers and should not bore them with repetitive data.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Harvey Norman is a leading company in the world, specializing in the provision of good quality beddings, furnishing products and electronic gadgets. The services, processes and communications that are provided by Harvey Norman to enhance the consumer decision-making process are simply outstanding, beguiling and enthralling. This particular feature of Harvey Norman has enabled it to rank among the top ten productive companies in the global consumer goods sector.


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