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The Advancement of digital technologies has largely enabled the consumers to interact and connect with the buyers using internet. Internet is a boon to the traders as they can easily reach their variety of products to extended range of consumers whereas consumers can gather information and avail their needs at the ease of their home.

The trend of Fashion blog that has widely spread in the mid 2000 is a phenomenon that cannot be comprehended independent of social software (Ali, 2013). A all new paradigm known to be as web 2.0 is defined by the software for consumer interaction producing online content. Until now, Fashion blogs has not been the object of research interest. However, the immense growth of the field, has eventually influenced the status of blogs in fashion webzines and magazines.

On exploring the field of fashion while working as a fashion blogger, we exploit innovative ways of communication and staging fashion, particularly where the blog has established a new culture if media (Bandyopadhyay and Dayton, 2013).Fashion is a phenomenon that cannot be acknowledged independently by the means of designed presentation or visual images that were believed to convey the forms of fashion and its content.

In this article, I would focus on the professional fashion blog of the Brand ZARA clothing. In this professional blog we define a mix of established communication that encompasses every attributes of a powerful marketing.

The blog on ZARA fashion is presented in a simple layout whose visual design identity is allied with both the digital and printed magazine. The blog comprise of professional catwalk reports on the content side, alike the established magazines containing fashion snapshots and visual trend reports (Britt, 2015). The visual aesthetics of the ZARA clothing is mixed with a recreational approach where the snapshots of famous designers and models are used for making the blog all more attractive. In addition, the catwalk presentation snapshots or street fashion snaps are borrowed to to d?cor the fashion blog and making it alluring for the consumers.

Promotion of the blogging site

Being a professional blogger having an established blog address of, we ensure utmost satisfaction of the clients by offering excellent strategies of blog marketing. The content of blog is inscribed by the professional bloggers, and the illustrations are presented of highly aesthetic professional advertising shots (Castronovo and Huang, 2012).To guarantee high quality, the advertising shots of fashion products, accessories and real-life picture of celebrities are placed in combination with amateur snapshots collected from the recreational blogosphere.

In contrast to the conventional fashion blog, professional fashion involves extensive exchange of communication with the audience. We make use of an unique blog type within the genre of fashion blogs that are typically prepared by professionals from fashion industry. Stylists, models, journalists or photographers act as fashion bloggers having access to professional and prestigious fashion events (Eid and El-Gohary, 2013). These personalities offers core information freshly gathered from the ready-to-wear luxury shows in Milan and Paris. In addition, there is participation of amateur bloggers who blog about various fashion elements (such as styles, adverts, rumours and images) that are collected from the website, magazines or webzines.

Celebrity Endorsement

Recent statistics from a Article published by the Australian Financial review states that blogger sites overtook celebrity endorsement as the key media influencer. Blogger talent has improved to an unprecedented rate adding to their cost-effectiveness to online marketing of brands. As a result, funding on is a more compelling investment made by brands (such as ZARA clothing) in comparison to the expensive and unpredictable world of celebrity endorsement. A large number of studies have been conducted on celebrity endorsement that highlights the credibility of source has significant impact on the success of message conveyed (Keel and Nataraajan, 2012). A strong credible source is more persuasive than a less credible source that largely influences the attitude and purchase intentions of the audience.

Advertisers often employ famous celebrities to endorse a particular product/service in order to add glamour, increase desirability of the product and augment the attentiveness of audience(Kim and Ko, 2012). However, celebrity endorsements are highly expensive because the celebrity status and often found to be risky because of their potential to gain negative publicity. The public image of endorser, conduct and behavior of the celebrity should be monitored to avoid any potential negative publicity.

The purpose of digital influencer (blogger site) is to enhance the brand by placing the positive image of products, style, aiding with advices, make the brand endorsement a natural fit for the consumers. Whereas the original purpose of celebrity is not to influence the fashion choices and style of its followers, hence marketing campaigns with celebrities often fall short when it comes to ROI (Lin, Li and Wu, 2015).

ZARA clothing is famous as the known brands on the high street that offers high quality, stylish and reasonably priced clothing. However, the brand has never come with a press ad, paid endorsement of celebrity or cheeky little viral social campaign. Unlike other reputed brands, ZARA acts a little different by marketing through blog posts created by With the help of blogger sites, ZARA, the famous brand encourages its customers to visit the store and build their own expectations from the in-store experience. The brand does not offer any opportunity of disappointment from the false promises made by the celebrity endorsement.

Advertisement through blogging

To start with, Blogs are alike the magazines and newspapers where majority of income is generated on the hosted advertisements through professional blogs (Matthews, 2014). Some of the advertising techniques promoted by are considered in details below:

ZARA fashion blogs are promoted by using advertisement networks such as the Amazon, Google adsense. As per the given framework, blogger post commercials effectively focus on relating products with the content of Article. The position of banners and its visibility plays an essential role to optimize its efficiency (i.e. the most recommended spots of the blogs are right after and above the posts)( MORIMOTO and Trimble, 2012).

Hosting advertisement banner of ZARA clothing using efficient technique that include : content written in clear language, showing of images, which also impel to immediate action.

Development of database with the blog visitors’ email in exchange to free access to significant offers such as free videos, free download of videos, e-books, etc).


Blog is the widely used marketing tool and can be used as an instrument to promote its products or services (Rahimnia and Hassanzadeh, 2013). Similarly, ZARA clothing hired www.market109.wordpress.ctom o promote its fashion brand to wide range of customers beyond the reach. In case of the fashion blogs created by our site, the following characteristics are taken into account to develop efficient marketing.

The presentation of ZARA blogs are less formal, intense and more direct than it is evident on any other channels of media such as magazines, television and newspaper,etc).

Fashion blogs allows a faster, easier and less expensive way to monitor the reaction of clients to the products launched and discussed in the blog. (Tracking can be done by evaluating the number of user visits on particular posts, examining the nature and number of comments placed by the brand visitor (Shih, Chen and Chen, 2013).

In addition, posting of blogs also allows the elucidation of misapprehension developed on a promoted product of ZARA clothing in aspect of price and quality of products, manner of distribution and warranties granted, etc.

Media planning and channel selection

Blog being an optimum marketing mode of marketing, it also allows relatively easy to achieve increasing customer count. utilizes the existent technologies to create the ZARA fashion blog to host the first post within 15-20 minutes. In addition, Companies who appear for bloggers facilitate the following advantages.

Marketing through Blogs implies a much lesser cost than marketing conducted through any other conventional media channels (Ton, Corsi and Dessain, 2012).

It allows a advanced and meticulous control over the cost-income ratio and maintain a low maintenance cost (using tools to analyze the visitors activity on the post).

Blogs offers immediate worldwide coverage mediated by the web (Turban et al. 2015).

Brand Like ZARA through its exclusive fashion blogs can maintain a 24/7 access as well as immediate communication with the brand users and blog visitors , through comments, likes (in facebook), online chats, responses available on blogs.

Offers an easy control of the feedback from other blogging sites/blogs, advertisement banners that are posted on other sites or blogs with the purpose to increase traffic for the own blog.

Social media or mobile marketing

Promotion of ZARA blogs are made on famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Moreover, the blogs in social networking sites are promoted by uploading short videos posted on youtube along with a precise blog (Vu and Medina, 2014). Mutual recognition on ZARA clothing, ZARA accessories, ZARA bags and footwear are attained by creating links of posts on other fashion blogs. In this portion of article, we shall analyze responses received on Facebook on posting fashion blogs on ZARA clothing.

Having more than 10 million followers worldwide, ZARA leads other ready wear brands by a wide margin in Facebook page. ZARA fashion receives greater number of responses due the exclusive content developed by the Nevertheless, the brand receives an average interaction rate for each of its posts that is five times greater than any other brand blogs. For instance, ZARA fashion brand receives more than 7000 likes and comments per blog post respectively. As a fashion blogger, we augment the interaction with ZARA fans by writing eminent fashion blogs that acknowledge its desire to establish customer loyalty and develops a strong connection with the its target audience. Thus we offer an effective guarantee to attain sustained visibility on the web.

Sales promotion and Brand image through fashion blogging

The sales promotion of ZARA clothing is enhanced by the promotion of blog suing the following strategies.

Posting comments relevant to the topic of fashion, making the content interesting, coherent thereby accompanying a link to the blog of the customer who is making a comment (Ali, 2013).

Optimization of blog’s content with the focus to enhance a better position in the search engine (using certain keywords)

Interesting Title of Blog, its Sub-Title and web address to make it all more catchy for the audience.

The process of optimization can be enhanced by placing of adequate tags for ach blog post and exchange of links with other ZARA blogs.

Public relations through Blogging

Blog is considered to be the latest innovative creation that has large impact on building public relations (Bandyopadhyay and Dayton, 2013). Customers of ZARA clothing subscribe to blog feed in order to stay upto date with the latest arrivals, discounts on clothing, new offerings in include in their index. With the exclusive range of fashion blogs created by make way for ZARA clothing to attain revolutionary marketing, spread the word about its business and products, develop competitive advantage and develop public relations. According to the public relation professionals (2014), blogs has the significant characteristics to develop relationship with public and individuals like no other means.

On conducting a survey with ZARA customers, the following responses are collected that ensure development of effective public relationship through fashion blogs. In other words, ensure the following characteristics while preparing blogs for ZARA clothing:

1) Factors that drives traffic to blogs

- Attracting appearance of blogs

- Make the blog popular among customers using wordpress and blogger technologies

- Discussing about attractive deals at ZARA clothing

- Awareness on trends

Each of the above mentioned factors are essential to develop public relations through the use of Blogs. However, among the above four factors, emphasize to popularize the fashion blogs created to reach wide range of customers thereby increasing the customer count.


Our practice of blogging involves producing exclusive digital content with the intention to share the information asynchronously with a conceptualized audience. practice blogging to produce a semi-regular expression each of which connects with the audience. Blog is an affective mean to gather homogeneous groups of individuals and public together allowing the power of self-persuasion and enthymeme to be used. Unlike other blogger site who post anonymous blogs and attempt to manipulate audience with disguised news releases, but with the ZARA fashion blogs we have effectively attempted to develop public relations and encourage ZARA cloth lover to stay connected with the brand.


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