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Discuss About The Consumer Engagement In Online Communities.



The essay helps in analysing the impact of the social media on the internal and external business communication. The social media has positive influence on both the process of business communication that has to be described in an effectual manner.

Business Communication

The sharing of different information between the different individuals within an organization which is performed for the different commercial benefits of the organization. In addition, the business communication is referred to the manner in which the company share different kind of information to promote the goods and services and serve the potential customers in the organization.

Importance of Social Media in Business Communication

Social Media is the new buzz area in the marketing of the business in which the organizations along with different brands are trying to create new connections and followers in the market and build communities in the virtual space (Armstrong et al. 2015). The main purpose of the research is to understand the social media impact on understanding the manner through which the different organizations incorporate social media. Social Media is used as the source of information and it helps in spreading knowledge and it changes the views of the individuals in the entire society (Stelzner 2014).

The growth of the social media sites has significant ramifications for the different employers. It helps in offering the ample opportunities for the individuals in searching the most prospective jobs through the usage of LinkedIn and Facebook and the employers use such websites for advertising the job vacancies. The social media ecosystem is the network of the different types of websites and applications that are designed in such a manner that evolves the communication and connection between the different individuals. Facebook is one of the social media websites that can be used as the main feature is wide audience and create brand awareness as well (Schivinski and Dabrowski 2016). LinkedIn can be used by the different professionals in the organization as this is one of the leading professional network on web and this connects with different clients.

LinkedIn can be used by different businesses internally as this helps in establishing credibility and expand marketing and build professional brand in the competitive market. Social Media impacts the business communication process both internal and external business environment in such a manner that this will create huge positive impacts on the business communication (Tuten and Solomon 2017).

Positive implications of social media on internal and external business communication

Social Networking is specific kind of social media that enables the different users in connecting with others and this helps in creating community as well. The social media networking creates and helps in building relationships than simply posting and not engaging all the individuals. The employers in the organization can utilize the internal social networking sites for the employees along with leveraging the public facing social media platforms to market the brand and attract the different employees and customers (Katz, Lazarsfeld, Roper 2017).

The strategic human resource management offers the different members their own social networking sites and engage along with network with the fellow members. There are different advantages along with disadvantages of the usage of social media networks. The social media platforms are used to publicize different openings along with sourcing candidates and verifying the background information of the candidates. The social media can be inspiring for the employees to promote social learning and knowledge sharing among the employees (Brooks 2015).

The HR professionals can network with the peers and keep pace with the different competitors in the market as this will help them in attracting clients whose values align with the brand of the employer. The delivering of the internal communication is essential and it takes place with the help of the social media by informing the different clients on social events as this can be made available to them at any point of time effectively. These are the advantages of the social media in the internal communication processes of the different organizations (Ashley and Tuten 2015).

On the other hand, there are different advantages of the social media on the external business environment. Social Media can help and assist the different customers who are in search of different products and availability of the services in different retail stores. The retail stores can use the social media in managing the queries of the customers as in the present scenario, the different organizations have implemented the different online channels with customer service support chat that is available to the customers 24*7 for them.

For instance- Amazon and eBay uses these kinds of services wherein they lodge the complaints regarding the defect of the products and services and get it clarified as well. Furthermore, Twitter and Facebook are the different social media sites that helps in quickly answering the questions and they are the valid channels through which the different customers solicit and receive the customer service.

Lastly, the social media has created huge positive influence to the business communication process both to the internal and external environment. However, there are few issues in usage of social media in the organizations that include negative exposure that may damage the reputation of the company. Furthermore, there is potential loss of productivity in the organization that causes huge issues to the organizations and to both internal and external communication. The employees violate the different legal regulations and the employees become more susceptible to privacy violations and interference with the employees’ rights under the section 7.


Therefore, it can be concluded that social media has huge positive influences on both external and internal business communication. The social media helps the organizations internally in recruiting the suitable candidates and search about the past job experience. On the other hand, in the external business environment it includes the different kind of advantages to the customers in receiving accurate service relating to the different queries effectually. lastly, the social media needs to be adopted by the companies in a positive aspect and reduce the different negative impacts appropriately as well.


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